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Big Bang Theory

Experts say that if a football field-sized meteor hit our little planet, the resulting cataclysm would pretty much end all life as we know it. Giant dust storm blots out the sun, temperatures fall, nothing grows®ƒyou know the story. Did you ever wonder what would happen if an equally large unheavenly body unexpectedly crashed to

Crack the Code: How Do You Become Customer-Centric? The Answer is Simpler Than You Think

How Do You Become Customer-Centric? The Answer is Simpler Than You Think If you’ve ever attended a business seminar, trade conference or a similar event, it’s likely you’ve heard about CRM. Maybe you’ve listened to consultants glorify the benefits of CRM "modules" or "solutions" that, when plugged in, will increase your profitability. Behind the biz

Telling Men From Boys

More than a few times, I’ve heard people explain that the basic difference between car tires and truck tires is their obvious relative size: truck tires are bigger! This fact is certainly true in the majority of cases, but even that explanation is becoming a bit marginal. While overall outside diameters remain quite different (at

Spring Fever

Spring will be here before you know it. And that means a spike in your custom wheel and tire sales. Tax refunds, big auto events and military homecomings will soon be coming, and people will be ready to spend. Here are some tips on how to leverage spring fever and make the most of new

Five Ways to Slash Insurance Costs

Take control of rising premiums. Learn from those who’ve done it. These days, Bob Malerba, owner of Malerba’s Silver City Tire Co., is feeling a lot better about the cost of his business insurance. Just 18 months ago, Malerba was at his wits end as he helplessly watched his insurance rates skyrocket. Malerba knew he

NTSW is Good for Tire Safety – and Your Business

Need new customers? Want to expand your market base? Perhaps build on your reputation as "the tire expert" in your town? Or, do you simply want to gain some well-earned exposure for your dealership? Well, there’s a tailored-made opportunity just around the corner – National Tire Safety Week (NTSW), slated for Apr. 25 through May

OTR Market Climbs

As the OTR market starts to rebound, dealers need to focus on the value they bring to these demanding customers. "A lot of our dealers think we’re in the tire business. We’re not," says Manny Cicero, vice president, North American OTR sales for Bridgestone/Firestone North American Tire (BFNAT). That’s an interesting sentiment for someone who