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I Do. I Do.

Birds do it. Bees do it. Tire companies and dealers do it. Let’s do. Let’s fall in love! And now dealer associations are doing it. The most visible tire association nuptial, of course, is that of TANA and ITRA, now officially wed and the band’s ripping through "Daddy’s Little Girl" even as you read this.

Going Single in a Dual World

Going Single in a Dual World By now you have likely heard about the new single wide-base tires – super wides, as we call them – being offered for line haul applications by several of the major truck tire manufacturers. Michelin, Goodyear, Bridgestone/Firestone and Continental all have their versions, and all are in various states

Start at the Beginning

Start at the Beginning Welcome to Wheel Turnings, a new regular column that will discuss important – and, we hope, valuable – technical and application issues with custom wheels and tire/wheel packages. In our ever-changing industry, we must always be aware of what our retail customers need and demand from us. First, a little bit

Keeping It All In The Family: A ‘Well-Run’ Family Business is Not a Contradiction

Keeping It All In The Family A ‘well-run’ family business is not necessarily a contradiction in terms. There have been many cases of successful family companies, and there will be many more to come. But having family aboard can be both a help or a hurt, depending on how things are handled. Family ties are

In Good Hands: Having The Right Insurance Can Help You Survive More Than One ‘What If’

In Good Hands Having The Right Insurance Can Help You Survive More Than One ‘What If’It’s said that when it comes to getting insurance, you’re simply betting that something bad will happen. True or not, it’s better to be safe than sorry. Having insurance is a must in order to stay in business. In today’s

Altering the Landscape: Dealers Battle Consolidations, Competition For OTR Business

Altering the Landscape Dealers Battle Consolidations, Competition For OTR Business Consolidations, tighter budgets, increased competition. Sounds like any type of industry. But not every industry deals with vehicles capable of moving 100 tons of earth and mineral. Much like the landscapes it works in, the OTR business has changed over the years. The number of

New Man In Charge: ‘I Will Never Be Satisfied With the Results We Have’ Says CTNA’s Wellen

Dr. Ulrich Wellen, 43, was named president and CEO of Continental Tire North America (CTNA) just days before the company hosted its dealer meeting in Maui, Jan. 9-12. Wellen, who holds a doctorate degree in chemistry, has held a number of research and development positions with Continental AG, and was head of the tiremaker’s global