December 2020 Archives - Tire Review Magazine
Troubleshooting Tire Vibration with Proper Wheel Balancing

Around 60% of vibration-related comebacks are due to improper wheel mounting or balancing.

Tirescanner, Wrench Focus on Fleets with Mobile Tire Installs

A mobile tire scheduling service isn’t a new concept, but Wrench and Tirescanner say that this partnership is different due to the individual attention the companies are promising fleets.

Welcoming 2021: Don’t Look Back, Look Forward

Operating in what has become the “new normal” way of doing business has made us stronger, wiser, more creative, more innovative and more hopeful of better things to come.

Building Your Dream Team

One strategy for keeping the talent pipeline filled is to continually look for the best candidates, even when you don’t need them.

Dealer Focus: Steve and Andrew Brock, Big Rapids Tire

Steve and Andrew Brock, the father-and-son team who co-own Big Rapids Tire, run their shop by consistently “doing the right thing.” Steve says he knows the face of nearly every customer who walks through his doors.

Ford F-150 Brake Job

There are more than 3.6 million 2009-’14 Ford F-Series trucks on the road today, and the majority of them are the F150 model.

Changes in the TPMS Landscape Over the Past 10 Years

TPMS advancements today are focusing on coverage and programming speeds.

Selling Long-Lasting Tread Life

Successful dealers know that long-lasting tread characteristics, matched to a specific application, can be the difference between a satisfied customer and a dissatisfied one.

AAPEX to Tire Dealers: We Got Your Back

AAPEX commits to growing tire-centric technical training and education for both dealers and technicians in its 2021 show and beyond.