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Drafting Your Fantasy Team

The only ticket to growth is freedom. The only ticket to freedom for an entrepreneur is a team you trust to follow your business vision. Established businesses fall into certain ruts. Things are moving along and people on your team will leave while others are hired. This can become routine and done without a lot

Mobile vs. Responsive

While it’s common knowledge that smartphones, tablets and other mobile devices are gaining in popularity, the actual statistics may come as a surprise. Currently, more than 60% of all Internet connections take place on a mobile device – meaning mobile activity has actually surpassed desktop activity, and the number of mobile devices is still growing,

Ag Industry Experiencing Fallow

The agriculture industry in North America has hit some tough times. This has a trickle down effect to the ag tire industry. “Next year is going to be challenging,” says Tony Orlando, president of Bridgestone America’s farm tire unit. “As we move into 2017 and through 2020 we think the market will pick up again.

Building the Brand

Forgive the folks at Falken Tire Corp. as they seem a bit giddy these days. They’ve hit a streak of good news, and are already taking advantage of the good fortune to launch a more aggressive brand-building effort and an expansive collection of new consumer and commercial products. This past summer, the dissolution of the

New Akron Area Tech Center

Kenda USA is calling Green, Ohio, home for its new Kenda American Technology Center. The tiremaker hosted a ribbon cutting and pre-opening preview with Kenda executives and government officials on Nov. 9 at the new facility, just minutes from Akron and Kenda’s Martin Wheel Co. “We feel that Akron is a good town of operation

Selling Piece of Mind

In a perfect world, drivers would glide their vehicles over smooth-as-glass roadways. Newly purchased tires would perform as designed with even wear and nary a flat throughout their entire lives. And a consumer would have no qualms about paying for the somewhat significant investment of a new set of tires at the trusted independent tire

Efficient by Design

A tire shop’s struggles to capture extra service sales aren’t always due to bad customer service or a disorganized business plan. Keeping your shop’s outdated layout because you’re afraid to gut your shop or simply because “it’s always been that way” could be creating a sales-service disconnect that’s hurting business. But what if you could rework

Starting Off Fresh

If ever there was a tiremaker seeking a rebirth it might well be Kumho Tire USA Inc. Victim of its own inconsistency, the global economic meltdown and problems with its parent company in South Korea, the North American arm appears to have shaken off all of that and sees better days ahead. The turn of

Become an Expert

TPMS. Just another acronym in an ever growing sea of automotive acronyms. As cars evolve the acronyms just keep piling up. Sometimes it can be hard to remember what they all mean. You don’t need me to tell you what TPMS stands for. If you’re like many in the tire industry, uttering “TPMS” might be

Year of the Tire Dealer

The long-term survival of independent tire distribution depends on dealers. The best ones are the smart businesspeople that build customer-first cultures, make finding and nurturing good employees a priority, and spend their time on the business and not in the business. We created the Top Shop Award program with a single purpose: leverage the very

Mobile vs. Responsive: More Details

While a mobile-friendly solution is a must, how can you decide between a separate mobile site or a responsive site? Holly Biondo, marketing coordinator for Net Driven, breaks down the differences: Mobile Site Designed to be a scaled back version of your website that will make it easier to view and navigate on a mobile