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Taking Stock: Vandals and Thieves Damage Tires, Bad Service Damages Industry

For those who haven’t been paying attention, 2007 was a lousy year to be a tire. So many innocents were lost to man-made madness, taken from us in their prime, some well before their contributions were even realized. And we’re not just talking about tires. Dozens, hundreds, nay thousands of tires passed before their warranties

Employee Screening: Uncovering the Best Person for the Job

In today’s ultra-competitive market, one of the most important keys to success is housing a hard-working, qualified staff. Having employees you can rely on gives you the edge over your competitors, as well as some peace of mind. The road to filling any shop or dealership with skilled employees is sometimes a long one with

A Growing Trend: Commercial Light Truck Tire Sizes Continue to Multiply

Not that many years ago, a dealer could cover 80% or more of the commercial light truck tire market with just six 16-inch sizes. That has changed – a lot. More and more OEMs are moving to lower profile sizes, bringing a slew of new SKUs to the market. Newer GM, Ford and Dodge light

TPMS 101: Tire Rack Offers Answers to Top Five TPMS Questions

From professional and college football down to youth-league soccer, everyone has a “Top Something-or-other” list. Why should the tire industry be different? Over the last year or so, Tire Rack has been conducting an informal and unscientific survey of its customers regarding the reoccurrence of issues dealing with tire pressure monitoring systems. Thanks to its

Adding It All Up: Brushing Up on Tire Math Basics Minimizes Customer Headaches

Given the thousands of options available, it has become more than a little difficult to keep up with tire math. Vehicle makers have presented dealers with the opportunity to stock more SKUs than ever before – and that trend continues. Take a look at aspect ratios, for example. The once dominant 75-series has given way

Looking Forward: SEMA Gives a Glimpse of Coming Wheel Trends

Fresh back from the SEMA Show, I saw several trends and designs that indicate where we are headed for the next couple of years and the market potential for each. Some of the innovations came from familiar names, while others were from newcomers looking to make a name. New finishes, or in some cases old

Brake Lathes; Lifts

Modernizing the Brake LatheToday’s brake lathes are specifically manufactured for shops that need speed, disc/drum versatility and low maintenance.Flexibility is the operative word here and you can buy it online. You can even outfit your brake lathe with a Toyota rotor back plate that fits inside the large center-hole Toyota rotor hat, like those found