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Lesson Learned

It was probably a good thing there was traffic when the woman pulled out of Tire World. The vehicle was going slow enough that when the wheel came off a few hundred feet later, she was able to stop safely. Of course, the Colorado Springs police had to do their thing and make a report.

Small Town Inc.: Down-Home Business Dealings Got You Whipped? Find Your Chi With a Little Balance.

If the thought of dealing with City Hall gives you acid reflux, take a deep breath, relax, and think about boning up on jujitsu. These cleansing breaths are a quick fix if the board of zoning appeals is sitting on your request for a zoning variance or the architectural review board wants you to plant

Flat-Out Profitable: A Little Digging Exposes New Opportunities in a 30-Plus-Year-Old Niche Market

Consider the power of this suggestion: No more flat tires. Ever. Nudging this concept into the realm of possibility is a group of products known by some as tire fill and by others as foam fill. Due to the variety of materials being used today, the most accurate term may be “flatproofing solutions.” Simply stated,

Winter Tire Blues: Auto Advances Add Complexity to Winter Tire Servicing

The snowflake branded on the sidewall of a winter tire isn’t there for decoration. The designation means the tire addresses three winter driving concerns: traction, cornering and braking. “Put on a set of today’s winter tires, and driving in the winter becomes irrelevant.” That’s a direct quote from long-time tire test driver Bob Strange, who

Shrewd Investing

Most experienced fleet managers and professional tire service providers appreciate the important role tires play in the overall operating cost equation for a trucking business. Much has been written and documented about the benefits of selecting the best tires for specific applications and vehicle configurations and then maintaining those tires to assure long service life.

Wheel Anatomy: Part II

Last month, we began a multi-part series on the concepting, design and production of today’s hot custom wheels with an inside look at cast one-piece aluminum wheels. This month, we’re going to touch on the newest forged one-piece wheels and then describe two-piece wheels. Forged wheels are literally forged in a press and made into