December, 2003 Archives - Tire Review Magazine
Dead Letter Office

Well, we can retire the letters "I", "T" and "E" from the industry alphabet. Don’t need ‘em because there is no ITE anymore. The announcement that the tire industry’s lone annual convention and trade show has passed into history ®“ more a whisper than a scream, actually ®“ really wasn’t a surprise. Dylan said, "You

KISS Tiremaking

KISS Tiremaking We’re all familiar with the acronym "KISS" ®“ Keep It Simple, Stupid. It’s generally good when instructing a large audience or trying to standardize procedures among diverse groups. KISS helps people remember detailed procedures, routines and sequences. However, KISS doesn’t always work when product and process technologies are involved. I was reminded of

Showy Specials

Showy Specials As you know by now, my role at Tire Review is to show you how to best leverage the fast growing custom wheel and UHP markets to build new business and increase real profits. That and to show you what’s around the corner. With both of these points in mind, this year’s ITE/SEMA

Leave Nothing to Chance

Buying a Business? Facts, Not Fortune, Will Keep You From Behind the 8-Ball Why do our brains work differently when we read the biz opps section of the paper? Why do we say things like: "I’m tired of selling tires, I think I’ll open a frozen custard stand?" If you already own a fast-food franchise