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Odds and Sods

Time once again to deal with all the sticky notes clinging to my desk: • It was great seeing a lot of old friends and finally meeting a few I’d only corresponded with. And it was gratifying to hear so many positive comments about the magazine. Thank you! Still, it wasn’t the same without seeing

Size Isn’t All That Matters

e and the increased inflation pressure required to support that load. Similar differences can be found on some applications of sizes 11R22.5 Load Range H and the more popular Load Range G version, and with the Load Range G vs. F versions of a 245/70R19.5. Generally, the wheels used for these tire sizes are designed

A Walk Down the Aisles

A Walk Down the Aisles As promised, for those poor souls who didn’t get to make the trek to Las Vegas and the ITE/SEMA show, here is the salt for your wounds … Where do I begin? So much to tell, so little space. Let’s start with the tires featured at the show. If you

Virtually Trained

Virtually Trained Different tactics may be the key to training in the tire industry.   Within the tire industry, most dealers will say there’s a serious need for training. Either training on new equipment or products, or training for continuous improvement. Rare is it that a dealer feels he knows everything there is to know

Deeper and Deeper

Deeper and Deeper Despite Struggles, Ag Market Sees Some Hope Ahead Just how far is down? Well, if you’re talking about the North American agricultural economy, down is a long, long way. But as long as farmers can still see the light of the morning sun, there is still hope. When Tire Review last looked