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Product Spotlight: Tire Changers

The latest tire changers promise ergonomic designs for a comfortable and easy job performance. Additionally, they are designed to handle a variety of tire sizes, saving space, time and money at the shop.

August 2012 Sales Intelligence

Covering Burlington, Vt.; Nashville, Tenn.; Omaha, Neb.; Philadelphia, Pa.; Provo, Utah; and Spokane, Wash., retail tire markets during the period of July 10-13, 2012. Tire Review and InteliChek present up-to-date tire and service price information from U.S. metropolitan areas.For this monthly feature, InteliChek directly contacts a selection of independent tire dealers, mass merchants and car


Vehicle maintenance is the safest route – in more ways than one.

Dialogue Starts?

Here’s What You (Few) Had to Say About Tire Repair Questions.

Conti PureContact Offers Drivers, Dealers the Full Package

The latest rollout from Conti­nental Tire the Americas has so many selling points, the tiremaker said it had to focus its marketing efforts on a handful of key features to streamline the message for consu­mers. The new Continental PureContact, which the company touts as a “luxury performance all-season replacement tire,” offers EcoPlus, Comfort Ride and

Mercy Tech Mission Teaches Trades to the Most Deserving

More than two years ago, au­thor and retired automotive businessman Rick Cogbill took a trip that inspired a life-changing project. In January 2010, the creator of The Car Side (see page 80) accompanied his daughter to the African country of Mozambique to visit his niece, who was working there as a nurse. While his daughter

Communication, Adaptation Key to Florida Dealer’s Success

McGee Auto Service and Tires began as a small local tire dealership in Lakeland, Fla., but with four decades of quality products and vehicle service mixed with exceptional customer service, the family-owned business quickly turned into one of the top automotive and tire retailers in central Florida. It started in 1974 when John McGee purchased

Rush to Tire Fuel Efficiency With Contradictory Tasks, Unexpected Options

In the rush to make tires more environmentally friendly (or, if you want to be cynical, less environmentally unfriendly), few consider the plight of the designers of ultra-high performance tires.

Study to Achieve Maximum Tire Hours for OTR Customers

Summer is a great time of year for vacations, family gatherings and closely monitoring your customer’s OTR tires. With more demand on your time, sometimes it is easy to let the site inspections and air pressure checks slide. This is when trouble will start for many customers, even though they may not see the negative

Avoid These Cautionary Tire Mounting Tales

I claim expertise in many areas, including high-performance driving, tire safety, vehicle dynamics, diaper changing, and calling in wild turkeys. "Mounting tires on wheels" is not on that list.

The Ins and Outs of Battery Testing and Service

Modern battery technology is changing the way we deal with battery testing and replacement. To illustrate, absorbed glass mat (AGM) batteries are, in some applications, replacing the conventional "flooded" wet-cell batteries.Flooded batteries consist of positive and negative plates suspended in an electrolyte consisting of about one-third sulfuric acid and two-thirds water. The flooded battery is

Forestry Tire Market Holding Steady, Poised for Growth

The forestry industry, which in recent years has seen ups in certain areas and downs in others, has remained steady overall – and likely is only going to get better, according to several tiremakers in this hard-working segment.While construction markets in North America tumbled during the recession – and have yet to fully get back