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Sales Abound: After Serious Slip, Retail Tire Sales Pick Up; Service Still Strong

The Tire Review Dealer Panel reports passenger tire unit and service dollar sales rebounded slightly in June and heading into July. Final June 2007 results for tire sales show a stronger demand for retail tires, with unit sales up 2.0% over the same month last year. Preliminary numbers for July show a continuing rebound, up

Five Things You’re Doing Wrong and How To Fix Them

For as long as there have been tire magazines, we have looked for ways to improve your business. For the most part, we have focused on the basics – clean restrooms, inviting showrooms, training, technology, radialization, computerization, inventory control, employee pay and more. But, that was then, and this now. Many of you have taken

Perfect Fit: Matching Tire to Application Even More Critical in Broad Industrial Tire Market

Matching Tire to Application Even More Critical in Broad Industrial Tire Market Sometimes, when a person widens his or her view of something, that something tends to expand and take on a life of its own. After all, perception is reality; it’s all in the eye of the beholder. So it goes with industrial tires.

Struck Down: Rejection of TPMS Challenge Has Both Predictable, Unpredictable Implications

 It was a challenge that had to be made, but at least for now, a U.S. Court of Appeals ruling in mid-June regarding NHTSA’s rule on tire pressure monitoring systems will stand as originally written. The court ruled the petitioning parties – four tire companies, TIA and consumer watchdog Public Citizen – failed to establish

Back In Time: Retro Vehicle Styling Gaining Speed While Savvy Dealers Profit

Retro Vehicle Styling Gaining Speed While Savvy Dealers Profit It’s the middle of summer, and everywhere you turn, there’s a car show or cruise happening that attracts owners of hotrods, streetrods and classics. The baby boomers are pouring untold millions into this market segment. Earlier this year, several 1969 Camaros went ‘on the block’ at

Nitrogen; Balancing Compounds

Nitrogen Tire Fill: Education Balances Claims With Reality Since 1967, the question of filling tires with nitrogen has captured the imagination of tire scientists and tire dealers alike. Here’s what we know: Nitrogen exceeds oxygen in better air retention because nitrogen diffusion through the sidewall is 30% to 40% slower than oxygen. Result: nitrogen maintains

Lines of Distinction?: As Tire Technology Advances, Geographic Boundries Disappear

Our industry – at home and abroad – has been building tires for more than a century. Along the way, we allowed ourselves to be fooled every once in a while by ‘technology’ that really didn’t live up to its billing. One example is the single-ply tire promoted as being as strong as a two-ply

Paper Tiger: Tackling Image Problem Takes Real Teeth, Not Tax Boondoggle

All I can say is: Be careful what you wish for. We’ve all heard tales of consumers being ripped off by auto repair shops. TV news shows and other media have done their watchdog best to uncover unscrupulous shops, especially during sweeps months. Many consumers see those hyper-hyped “Eyewitless News” exposes and automatically lump all