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In the Face of Reason

We know they aren’t very bright, and many of their ideas prove that if you don’t know where you’re going, any road will take you there. But still we elect these people. And re-elect them. With TV cameras and microphones in their faces, these officials are the picture of vast knowledge and heartfelt concern for

The Art of Noise

Remember a few years back, while driving along the interstate, you’d roll up the passenger side window to avoid offensive noise as you passed a large truck? It was always annoying, but, if you think about it, you aren’t doing that as much anymore. There are several reasons why. Most modern automobiles incorporate better noise

Rotational Education

Unraveling the mysteries of tire rotation takes a bit of doing. Just about all of us are nonchalant about rotating tires. We advertise free rotations for life if you buy tires from us. We unbolt ‘em, rotate ’em and rebolt ’em. From a marketing point-of-view, that’s a good idea. Just be certain you don’t sell

Image is Everything

Building on last month’s coverage of store layouts and marketing ideas, this column will highlight several products that can enhance any retail store and offer your customers an appealing environment that not only looks great, but is highly functional, as well. Special events are a great way to generate some buzz, get your name out,

Roadmap to Success: Business Plans that Work

Building a Business Plan is Critical to Reaching Your Goals Some business plans start as odd scribbles on the back of a napkin, circles and arrows and boxes and code words jotted furiously by a suddenly inspired entrepreneur. Others are highly detailed, a thorough point-by-point plan carefully reasoned and annotated after weeks, months or even

Online on Target

Leveraging Web to Expand Market Can Be Easier Than You Think Before you dismiss the idea of a 24/7 tire dealership as impractical, too labor intensive or judge it DOA without a chance for a positive ROI, take a look at what could be in it for you. The Internet is not just a venue

Wet & Dry?

After Laboring in Europe, the R-1W Came to American Soil – With Success Multiple codes are used to define agricultural tires. R-1, R-1W, F-2, I-1 and HF-2 are commonplace in ag tire manufacturer, dealer and farmer circles. These codes are used to quickly explain which types of soils the tire should be used in (R-1,