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Not Cutting It

Not Cutting It There is a distinct difference between fixing something or repairing it. A “fix” is a temporary solution, while a ®repair® permanently restores the object to its original condition.When tires go flat as the result of a puncture, there is only one acceptable method for returning them to service. Repair.According to tire manufacturer

In The Driver’s Ed Seat

Hi. My name is Jimmy, and I’m filling in for Dad this month.He asked me to write his column for him, so this becomes my Father’s Day gift – apparently he didn’t think a card was enough. With all the work he tells me he does, and the baseball coaching and stuff around the house,

Changing Public Opinion

Changing Public Opinion If you remember one message from reading this magazine today, let it be this: The public needs to know that the tire industry makes and sells only the highest quality products. The tire industry today is the focus of unprecedented attention from consumers, the media, Congress and the judicial system. And, unfortunately,

Fingertip Diagnosis

Fingertip Diagnosis As complex and reliable as modern radial ply tires have become, care andmaintenance recommendations for them have been remarkably consistent and simple. Very likely the most challenging part of a successful tire program today is making the correct new tire selection from among the many choices of tread type, size, profile, and constructions

Withering in the Field: Ag Dealers Can Remain Profitable in a Down Market

Withering in the Field Ag Dealers Can Remain Profitable in a Down Market It’s late August, and for a farmer the harvest is right around the corner. But there’s a problem. The corn is a good foot shorter than it should be this time of year. Nothing can be done. The weather isn’t cooperating –

Make or Break: Smart Pricing Strategy Can Keep You Humming Long-Term

Make or Break Smart Pricing Strategy Can Keep You Humming Long-Term How important is pricing to retailing success and how tricky is it? Answers: Very and very. The evidence rests with the story of two retailing giants – Wal-Mart and Sears. Wal-Mart built its success on "everyday low prices" rather than sales, and now is

Filling the Void

Filling the Void Performing section repairs on agricultural tires – bias or radial ®“ is relatively simple. But because it’s a lengthy and painstaking process, there are many opportunities for error.Ag tires, which include farm tractor and implement tires, logger and skidder units, and high flotation utility tires, are required to carry heavy loads while dispersing

Easy As Popcorn

Easy As Popcorn I’m all for making things idiot proof. Just the other night I was cooking popcorn in the microwave, and I started thinking about what that particular appliance has done for food preparation. Twenty years ago, if I wanted popcorn I had to cook it on the stove or a special popping device.

Dealer Diary: Justly Saying No

Justly Saying No For the past two years, Tire Review has brought you Dealer Diary, a monthly series that focuses on typical tire dealers and the ins and outs of their business.Dave Schardt, president of The Wheel Source in Dayton, Ohio, has made custom wheels his primary focus through both a retail store in Dayton

Field and Street

Field and Street National accounts. Cradle-to-grave programs. Larger and larger tires. Mounted wheel programs. 24/7/365 service requirements. On-site inspections and service. Reduced equipment downtime. There is no doubt the commercial tire business has changed considerably over the last decade. And there is no reason to believe the demands placed on tire dealers won’t keep evolving