April 2020 Archives - Tire Review Magazine
Different Ag Equipment Requires Nuanced Tire Inflation: Part I

Farmers need to inflate to the most demanding application, and their tire dealers need to know the facts to provide the best possible advice to their customers.

Servicing Tires with 18-in.-Plus Rims

Servicing any tire and wheel assembly correctly starts with having the right equipment.

Big Data and Your Tire Dealership

How to effectively use big data and four challenges to managing it.

Honda TPMS: What You Need to Know

Hondas typically have two TPMS lights in the instrument cluster for direct systems.

Handling the Coronavirus in Your Tire Dealership

The analysis for employee leave can get very tricky. Further, changes in governmental guidance and even in the underlying laws are occurring on almost a daily basis, which will affect the legal analysis of issues related to COVID-19.

The All-Season Tire Continues to Evolve

As consumer demands for these tires change, manufacturers are finding new ways to improve upon the all-season formula.

PLT Tires: The Basics & Beyond, Part II

In Part II of this series, we discuss the effect of tire pressure on specific tire performance, DOT information on tires and UTQG (uniform tire quality grading) markings.

Selling on Value vs. Price

Optimize your customers’ tire and service experience, not how much it will cost, says Ziegler Tire.

Team USA, Keep the Faith

As the world battles coronavirus, there are countless stories of courage, selflessness and innovation in our own industry.