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The Art of Buying Tires: Effective Pricing Strategies

Many independent dealers are struggling with profitability today, simply focusing on tire sales to increase the bottom line. Yet it all starts with the top line, meaning more sales will result in more profits.

How tire dealers can price tires effectively
Why Champions Don’t Have Time to Procrastinate

If you’re a procrastinator, there’s a really good chance you’ll plan to click on this article later. But you won’t.

Scrap Tire Analysis: The Importance of Tire Forensics

Though it may look like junk to the untrained eye, in the right hands, a used tire can actually be a tremendously useful source of information and a way to recoup major savings for a commercial trucking fleet.

truck tire scrap analysis
Top 3 Most Challenging TPMS Relearn Procedures

With the right TPMS tools and knowledge, TPMS relearn procedures can be easy to service, but there are some vehicles that are more challenging than others when it comes to relearn procedures. 

City Pages: A Growth Strategy Very Few Tire Dealers Know About

Sure, city pages require some up-front effort, but creating one is dramatically effective, essentially free and will help your business in the digital landscape.

Tire shop city pages how to
Why Some Car Service Jobs May Keep Tire Dealers From Bigger Profits

Car counts keep your bays full, but does that alone pay the bills?

Oil change service tire dealers
Don Owen Tire: An Interview with A 2nd Generation Ag Tire Dealer

Second-generation business owner Bob Owen talks with Contributing editor Jeff Wallick about ag tire technology, the origins of his business and even delves into the difference between a farmer and a crop producer. (And yes, there’s a difference.)

Agricultural tire dealer Don Owen Tire
The Evolution of the Tire Industry: The Struggle for Independent Tire Dealers

It’s a story you may have heard before: the consolidation of retail outlets, advancing technology and additional market shifts result in increasing pressure for those remaining independent dealers. But why is this shift happening? And what are options to support your success moving forward?

independent tire dealer evolution
Electronic Thermostats: A New Take on Wax and Brass

The electronically controlled thermostat is being used on increasing numbers of domestic and import vehicles.

TPMS Basics: Types of Tools and Sensors Explained

To properly service vehicles when they enter your shop, be aware of the options that are available regarding service providers and tools, as well as the many styles of replacement sensors.

Ford TPMS sensors
Proud to Be an Independent Tire Dealer: Elizabeth Tucker and Joe Oliver, Big T Tire

What started as her husband’s dream of opening a tire shop became Elizabeth Tucker’s life and passion. Now with her grandson as her partner in business, Big T Tire has grown and proven itself over the years

3 Simple Steps to Selling More TPMS

When it comes to selling more TPMS, no stone should go unturned. Try these simple steps and see what works for your customers.