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Employee Handbooks

Providing clear expectations between employers, employees If you employ five people, an employee handbook probably isn’t at the top of your priority list. But if you’ve grown beyond that size, then this article is most definitely for you. A good employee handbook records the company’s rules and communicates them to your employees in an easy,

Lights, Camera, Action

In the social media arena, Facebook and Twitter often get the most attention when it comes to marketing one’s business. But with the growing influence of online video – particularly with younger generations – should not be overlooked. To promote your brand, you don’t need a high tech studio and loads of editing software; you

ChemChina, Pirelli Can Gain Much in Deal

Ren Jianxin, the 57-year-old chairman, referred to the $7.7 billion acquisition of Pirelli SpA , as “revolutionary” for ChemChina, almost as though it was the mouse that had swallowed the elephant. In fact, Ren’s ChemChina, which he created 30 years ago on a $1,600 government loan, is six times Pirelli’s size, certainly the elephant in

Finding and Keeping Quality Service Technicians

In the February issue, we discussed finding and keeping employees that enhance sales and management within your dealerships. This month we’ll focus on attracting quality automotive service technicians. Over the past several years I have been actively involved in several aftermarket associations where the topic of technician shortages has been discussed. Depending on the association,

Telematics: Closed Loop or Open Range for Tire Dealers?

Imagine you could save your customers time, money and frustration all while earning their loyalty and adding to your shop’s bottom line. Instead of trying to convince a mistrusting customer that his or her vehicle needs important maintenance work based on a mileage estimate programmed into your CRM software, imagine knowing to the exact mile

Telematics & Tires

Just as vehicle telematics are affecting maintenance and repair, tire telematics are becoming reality, as well. Though several tiremakers may be working on “smart” tires or TPMS developments, Continental and Pirelli already have made waves in this arena. Here’s what their developments mean for right now, as well as a look ahead. Continental has developed

Maintaining the Green: Helping Landscapes Grow

As the economy continues to recover, the landscape service industry is poised for growth in 2015 and beyond. This growth can translate into a little extra money for tire dealers prepared to service the commercial landscape market. For tire dealers, the landscaping business offers many potential sales. Lawn care and landscape companies utilize light trucks

Warren Tire is Servicing Locals, Students

Warren Tire & Auto Center has been a trusted family business in the heart of Tuscaloosa, Ala., for more than 50 years. When Jimmy Warren started the business on University Blvd. in 1961, he never could have imagined how much his small southern town would grow over the years, thanks to a large degree to

Keeping Drivers Cool with Proper Maintenance

Spring has sprung, so that can only mean one thing: A smoking hot summer is just around the corner. So it’s a great time to remind customers that their air conditioning systems could use a little post-winter TLC. HVAC systems often fail because the air conditioning compressor fails. Not following the proper service procedures or

Stretch-ing the Belts

Stretching a belt may seem counterintuitive, especially with everything you have been told about serpentine belts. But stretching the belt with the right tools is often the only way stretch belts can be installed. Stretch belts can take loads off of the main accessory belt drive, allow for better packaging and solve NVH problems that

Conti Rolls Out Next Gen UHP All-Season

Continental launched its next generation ultra-high performance all-season tire to media and customers at its testing facility in Uvalde, Texas, this week. Replacing the ExtremeContact DWS, Continent’s Extreme Contact DWS06 is a “true all-season UHP” designed for sport cars, luxury sport cars and luxury sport crossovers, according to Conti. “The ExtremeContact DWS06 is the evolution

Driving Improvement

Tire Review’s Tire Industry Benchmarking Study – a comprehensive, objective look into the inner workings of a modern tire business – provided quantitative and actionable data for tire dealerships to drive improvement. Driving Improvement is a monthly analysis of those practices that separate Platinum Performer tire dealerships from everyone else. Click a link below to download.