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Bulk Lunches, Stubborn Cars and ‘Green’ Solutions

Everybody has routines. Quig­ley inhales coffee to keep his nerves intact; Basil eats jelly donuts to keep his waistline intact; even Tooner grumbles 12 hours a day to keep his reputation intact. But today somebody was messing with our lunchtime routines, and that somebody was none other than Beanie.Tooner’s eyes popped open wide. “Hey, what’s

For Better or For Worse?

Every tire dealer knows that banks have changed, and getting loans and lines of credit is harder than ever before. But with the credit markets loosening and banks looking to re-establish their loan portfolios, the time could be right for dealers to find a new long-term credit relationship.

Early Spring Kick-Starts Lawn and Garden Tire Segment

While the mild winter experienced throughout most of North America may have hurt winter tire sales, one tire segment saw a benefit. The lawn and garden tire market – which has seen slow, steady growth for the past several years – is starting 2012 off strong, particularly on the commercial landscaping side. “We’ve seen a

Even AWD Vehicles Require Regular Tire Rotations

Intuitively, one would think an AWD vehicle would not require regular tire rotations because power is constantly directed to all tires; therefore, all of the tires would wear at the same rate. But when it comes down to it, tire rotation is the second most important maintenance item that can be done to maximize tire life, and this pertains to AWD vehicles, as well.

Taking a Negative to a Positive When Analyzing OTR Tire Takeoffs

We all have been in this situation: You’re looking at some removed OTR tires with the customer standing next to you looking for answers. You think you know the reason for the removal of the tires being inspected, but then you see something else that could also be a reason. Now you have to figure

Selling the Value of Quality UHP Replacement Tires

Many tire dealers say the biggest challenge in selling UHP tires is to convince customers to purchase high-quality, high-cost replacement tires. Take the time to explain to customers just how much effort – and expense – goes into developing these tires to help get them on board.

Refrigerant Change from R-134a to HFO-1234yf is Underway

Beginning in 2011, HFO-1234yf was expected to come out on top as the new refrigerant of choice in Europe. While this issue may not affect repair shops and tire dealers in the U.S. for a while, some techs may already have seen HFO-1234yf systems, as European models begin the R-134a phase-out and make their way across the pond.

Separate Generations, Two CEOs Have Same Message for Dealers

"My one son can hardly write his name because he’s never used a pencil." Bill Berry wasn’t mocking his own grown progeny. The head of American Tire Distributors was making the point that today’s tire buyers are much, much different than they were just a few short years ago. They come from a different time

Successful Ohio Dealer Heavily Supports Customers, Community

For nearly 60 years, City Tire Service in Zanesville, Ohio, has been a staple in the heavily rural Ohio community. Founded in 1953 by Arlin and Jean Frame, the mom-and-pop tire store and service shop was based on an old-fashioned principle: Be good to the customers and they’ll be good to you. “My parents were

Product Spotlight: Brake Lathes

As an essential piece of equipment for tire dealerships and vehicle repair shops, brake lathes perform the important function of machining vehicle brake drums and resurfacing brake rotors. With today’s latest brake lathe technology, technicians can experience quicker production, superior surface finish, easier operation and a longer machine service life.

Dealers are the Focus of New Nitto Online Portal

For a tire company, it is one thing to see new opportunities to help your own customers. It happens all the time in the form of promotions, buying and bonus programs, national and regional advertising, even money to help expand a dealership footprint.But it is quite another to recognize a way to help all dealers

Yokohama Showcases Orange Oil in All-New Avid Ascend

How does orange oil make tires better (at least in the minds of Yokohama Tire Corp. researchers)? There is a laundry list of legitimate chemistry and compounding reasons, deep level science only the most nerdy among us could understand. And then there is one special reason. Believe it or not, YTC R&D folks confess, it’s