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Reality Check: Truthiness, Pizza, Ambition and the American Way

As this marks my 100th column as editor of Tire Review – and it is April! – I thought I’d offer this little but pertinent business parable. There once was a man with ambition and a plan. Slaving away as the assistant manager of a local pizza joint, he felt there had to be a

Hand Tools; Inflation Gauges

Hand Tools Offer Valuable Services Sometimes it feels as if there is no better tool than the tried and true hammer. You’ll find a variety of them for sale under the heading “dead blow hammers.” Buy a high carbon steel head with a machine-polished face and a top grade U.S. hickory handle, or a polymer-handled

Spring Sink: February Floundered, March Somewhat Level, Dealers Worried

Dealer comments and survey results reflect increasing concerns over the economy and its impact on future business. Tire and service sales at our panel of more than 100 independent tire dealers nationwide dropped significantly in February, and rebounded slightly in March – but they remain below 2007 results. Click here for April 2008 charts Dealer

The Color Green Coming To Your Shop

You can’t ignore the movement. Here’s how to make it work for you. Anyone who has been around since the 1960s remembers the beginnings of the environmental movement, our first recycling efforts and the green-colored peace sign that was adopted as the pro-ecology logo. Since those first baby steps, we’ve seen the birth of CAFÉ

Delivering Profits: Class 3-5 Commercial Truck Tire Market Sees Steady Growth

Class 3-5 Commercial Truck Tire Market Sees Steady Growth Even though the economy has created a challenging landscape for many businesses and tire segments, the class 3-5 truck tire replacement market has remained steady. With moderate yet stable growth expected to continue in the coming years, it may be a good time to look at

The Latest Thing?: TPMS Training’s Slow Growth Runs Parallel to Industry

To auto and tire technicians, training is like a candy bar to a chocoholic – they can’t get enough. However, in the constantly changing TPMS world, training activities seem to mirror the industry itself. There remains no consistency, except for one source – the Mitchell1 Guide, a.k.a., the technician’s bible. “There’s nothing new in training,”

Warranty Blues: Tire Warranties, Frustrated Consumers and Baffled Dealers

Tire Warranties, Frustrated Consumers and Baffled Dealers A major tire company executive once insisted that there was no place for a radial ply tire in the U.S. Months later he was replaced. Those were the days when a radial was expected to return nearly 40,000 miles – astounding for that time. The driving public, Detroit

Higher Tech: Advancements in Tire Innovations Abound…Just Look Around

Advancements in Tire Innovations Abound…Just Look Around If you’re like me, you’re intrigued and amazed at the technological advances that are introduced almost daily. New applications derived from nanotechnology to light waves are leaping exponentially. It’s almost too much to keep track of. But what about the lowly tire industry? Why can’t we have a