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Leading the Way: Commercial Tire Market Keeps Step with Fleet Demands

“Today, more than ever, fleets are evaluating new technology with an eye to cost/benefit ratios.” That quote from Clif Armstrong, director of OE and marketing for Continental Tire North America’s (CTNA) commercial tire group, referred to truck fleet use of RFID technology, but he could have been talking about any other aspect of modern truck

It’s Alive!’: Mysterious Technology Breakthrough Yields True All-Everything Tire

My jaw dropped half a foot, I suspect, when I entered The Bunker. It was a laboratory, if you could call it that, a good 20 feet below ground level. Accessible only via well-locked storm cellar doors, The Bunker was a converted Cold War-era bomb shelter dug behind an old barn in Middlefield, Ohio. That’s

Going Solo: Will Super Wide Tires Ever Gain Mainstream Status?

With ever-climbing fuel costs and pressure to carry more freight with fewer trucks, one would naturally think a tire billed as offering greater fuel economy and increased payload capacity would be the hottest-selling item in any commercial tire dealer’s lineup. In theory, yes. But theories often fall short when it comes to application. Change is

Uncharted Waters: Navigating Through Confusing World of TPMS Starts with Awareness

Editor’s Note: This is the first in what will be an ongoing series of articles designed to help you better help navigate the new world of TPMS-equipped vehicles. With your help and input, we will share timely tips, techniques and case studies and serve as a clearinghouse for this vital information. Your personal experiences in

Quick Fix: With Inflation-in-a-Can, ‘Temporary’ is the Operative Word

Even for the most skeptical motorists, inflation-in-a-can is a valid answer to experiencing a flat tire at the wrong time in the wrong place. But there are many caveats that must be followed explicitly when connecting a can of sealant and quite a few psi to the valve stem. Most important is that it’s only

Keep it Contained: Proper Inflation Still the Best Way to Extend Casing Life

All good commercial tire dealers know that proper inflation is the single most important maintenance issue for extended treadlife and long-term casing durability. It is equally well known that tires, even if initially inflated to the optimum pressure, require periodic checks and occasional top-offs to maintain that pressure. Let’s examine why this is true and

Like a Glove: Top Wheel Makers Keep Up With Changing Vehicle Specs

A couple of months ago, we discussed one of the dark secrets of the wheel industry – substituting bolt patterns. Many in our industry have made a good living by practicing this method of selling aftermarket wheels. It is time that we ask – and, yes, demand – better from suppliers that are doing this

Gateway to Inflation Programs

Typically, tire and wheel programs receive lots of attention in most fleet maintenance programs – and for very good reasons. First, the operating expense is considerable; they are second only to fuel in most over-the-road operations. Secondly, en-route failures often trigger a sequence of emergency service requirements that are delaying, expensive and often result in