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Brilliant Disguise: All That Glitters is Not Gold, Especially When it Comes to Tire Supply

Reviewing the state of the medium truck tire market in the spring of 2005 is enough to make a fortune teller reach for the Pepto. There is a record demand for tires, what appears to be a tightening supply of those tires (depending on who you ask), a continuing strong demand for Class 8 power

Always Keep Moving: New, Sharper Look; Same Commitment to Your Bottom Line

“Stand still. You’re going to end up all blurry!” my parents would yell every time they tried to take a picture of me, back in the days of slow-speed film. Everything was slow then. There were no faxes or Internet. No microwaves. TV was black and white with three networks. Rotary phones and party lines

Plus Sizing Profits: Managing Your Business and Maximizing Profits is a Numbers Game

Years ago, one of my journalism mentors gave me some advice. “You can’t manage what you don’t measure,” he told me. “That’s a catchy sentence that might work in an article someday,” I thought to myself. I didn’t realize at the time how valuable his advice would become. The concept would ultimately prove useful in

Second Skin: For Retreaders, Technology and Service are the ‘Differentiators’ in Tough Market

Wherever the market for new truck tires decides it is headed, the retreading industry is hot on its heels. Of course, that job is a bit easier for Bridgestone/Firestone, Goodyear and Michelin, because they are involved in both. But even their allocation of time and money must be measured carefully. For companies like Bandag Inc.

Staggering Difference: Truck Fleets and Racing are Vastly Different, Strangely Similar

Many fleet operators still maintain that truck tires represent the second (to fuel) largest operating expense in their budget. This “truism” seems pretty amazing, considering the tremendous advances made in radial tire technology that have led to longer treadlife (original and retread), improved casing durability and much better resistance to injury. And it is surprising,

Back to Basics: Part 3: Compounding Can Be Dumbfounding

In the last issue of Tire Review, we talked about belt packages and left you with the promise that next time we would dig deep into the subject of rubber compounding – particularly multi-compounding. To help understand the complexities of compounding (and there are many) grab a stick of chewing gum and pull it slowly.

Knowledge is Power: Learning About Cutting-Edge Wheel Production Can Boost Sales

As the automotive industry incorporates more and more technology into every part of a vehicle, have you thought about how this technology is being used in the wheel industry? Let’s face it: You can have the most advanced drivetrain, telematics and fuel system known to man, but without a tire and wheel, it’s just a