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I See Stoopid People

It’s April, so that means it’s time for some foolishness. Sadly, though, this foolishness would be funnier if it wasn’t true.   See, we live in a reactive society, sort of an effect/cause existence. A lot of the inconveniences we endure – rules, regulations, product directions – are in place because someone did something really dumb.

Just the Facts: A No-Frills Web Site Can Still Draw New Business, Enhance Your Image

Just the Facts A No-Frills Web Site Can Still Draw New Business, Enhance Your Image "People buy lots of things online ®“ but not tires," I’ve heard some independent tire dealers say. But that doesn’t mean a Web site is of no use to a tire dealership. On the contrary, a well maintained, informative Web

More Than Shocks: Tap Into High Performance Suspensions

More Than Shocks If you think high performance suspension components are only for the performance shop in town, think again. You can tap into this market as well ®“ if you know which products to offer. And, you probably already have all of the equipment and skill you need to get started right now. We’re

Biz Smarts Have No Gender

Women the weaker sex? Bite your tongue. Whether you’re male or female, to be successful in the retail or wholesale tire industry, you need business smarts, the ability to overcome challenges, and, above all, brass knuckles. An interesting combination of softness, intelligence and fiery spunk, women tire dealers are roaring. Once an oddity in a

Focus on Basics: Hercules Charts a New Course, Remains Committed to Dealers

Fifty-two years ago, a group of 21 retreaders got together to create their own supply program, focused on their specific needs. Retreading is no longer part of the equation, but Hercules Tire & Rubber Co. – with 39 shareholder dealers  – remains focused on meeting dealer needs. Since selling its retreading business to Cooper Tire

Your Dealership is Doomed: The Diversity of Customers

Remember the days when the only woman in your shop was the one half-naked on the calendar? Well, it’s time to forget them. The female portion of your customer base is not a "niche." In fact, women are regular – if not primary – customers of automotive service providers. Consider these statistics, courtesy of the