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April Foolishness

The problem with having a regular column is that people expect you to write some- thing profound. To wax philosophic on the state of things or a subject of import. And to use big words like "philosophic." Truth is, it’s hard to organize 800 perfectly chosen words into coherent thought. After the last few months,

Sensing Alternatives

Remember the near-daily news stories about tire-related SUV accidents? And all the finger pointing that tried to pin the cause on the tires or vehicles or, in some cases, even driver error? Well, the dust has settled and the wheels (no pun intended) of the government fix-it-meisters have been turning. The TREAD Act was enacted

The Forgotten Valve Stem

The Forgotten Valve Stem If industry pundits are right, you can expect to see EPDM (ethylene propylene) snap-in valves give way to aluminum clamp-in valves in the near future. But they may make a comeback. Confusing isn’t it? Credit the expected change to the TREAD Act and its TPMS imperative to carmakers. By 2007, all

Balancing Acts

Balancing Acts You’ve just sold that $2,500 set of tires and wheels. Congratulations! Now you have to make sure that the assembly is pro-perly balanced, or you’ll be seeing that customer more often – and for the wrong reasons. Recently, I had an opportunity to sit in on a balancing clinic provided by Mike Kroll

To Grow Your Business, Get Next to Your Banker

To Grow Your Business, Get Next to Your Banker Many things are important to nurturing your business, growing it, and reaching the next level – whether it’s larger quarters, bigger staff, or even adding new locations. Of course, you need a sound business plan, a professional management team and a good customer base. But you

Raise that Service GP

-paid. This simple policy has nearly eliminated the problem. Technician Compensation Technicians need to progressively earn more money as they mature. Both younger techs and experienced master techs are needed in our particular business. But too many of one type will hurt your gross profit. Both types of technicians are needed, but a repair shop

The Open Road

The Open Road Even With Competition, Specialty Products, the Opportunities Are There Everyone likes their freedom. The freedom to go where they want, to do what they want, to enjoy themselves how they want is inherent in humans. One thing that has always been a symbol of freedom is the motorcycle. Motorcycles can take us