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Dealer Focus: Philip Biscan, Van’s Tire Pros of Alliance

Since Philip Biscan took over the business from an old family friend in 2018, he’s grown Van’s Tire Pros of Alliance from five employees to 11; from two bays to seven, he says.

Designing Forestry Tires to Withstand Brutal Environments

It’s not easy to manufacture a tire that can put up with life in the woods. That’s why it’s such a specialty in the tire industry, with just a handful of manufacturers.

Easier Volkswagen TPMS Service

TPMS relearns can be some of the most time-consuming relearns if you don’t follow the necessary procedures.

Moore’s Tire Sales’ Bill Watkins Shares Keys to Quick Service

Not many people go from wielding a meat clever to firing a stud gun into winter tires, but when Bill Watkins finds an opportunity, he takes it. “I was a butcher, a meat cutter by trade,” said Bill, a graduate from The National School of Meat Cutting in Toldeo, Ohio. “There used to be a

How Often is Lift Maintenance Needed?

Here’s the minimum you should do monthly for most two-post and four-post lifts.

Adding Retrofit TPMS Kits to Older or Non-Equipped Vehicles

If a vehicle was not originally equipped with TPMS, the driver has the option to add it by using a retrofit kit.

Consider Software Solutions to Streamline Operations

Representatives from several software providers share how solutions drive efficiency and profitability, as well as what to look for when considering a system in your shop.

Industrial Tires Get a Lift From Technology

Compound chemistry can have a significant impact on traction and wear resistance, as well as other important features such as non-marking properties.

Finding Your Total Shop Solution

Having reliable equipment is a huge factor in shop capability and productivity, Coats says.

Leading the Pack in a Digital Landscape

We live in an increasingly digital world. In fact, you’ve told us this, and we’re changing with you.

How Data, Analytics Can Boost Profitability for Tire Retailers

By collecting and analyzing data about a dealer’s sales history, inventory levels and market demand, data and analytics platforms can analyze the performance of each dealer’s store and recommend actionable improvement opportunities.

The TPMS and Tire-Life Connection

Tire pressure monitoring systems, although extremely important and a mandated safety requirement on new vehicles sold in the U.S., are still considered a discretionary part by most drivers. This means that TPMS systems are considered “optional” since the vehicle will still run without them fully functioning. Quite frankly, a vehicle will get you from point

TPMS Tire Life