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Business Lessons for Tire Dealers, Brought to You by the Big Screen

We asked those from across the tire universe to contribute their favorite inspirational movie lines for others’ business success in 2019. Here is what they had to say.

Business Lessons from the Big Screen: Staff Picks

While we were asking our friends in the tire industry about the movie quotes that inspire them, the Tire Review staff came up with some ideas of their own. These are the movies that inspire them.

Off-Season Best Practices for Ag Tires

With the end of the season upon us, Firestone Ag has assembled some helpful tips and best practices that you can share with customers to help them get a head start on tire maintenance to make the new year a profitable one.

December 2018 ag tires
The Battle Of Trenton: The Power of Language and Effective Communication

What George Washington can teach you about leading your sales team.

In Perspective: Guiding Your Thoughts to Design Your Success

When faced with the insane loop of doing things the same way while hoping for better outcomes, replace that loop with your own visualization, then actions, to preprogram the changes you need for your success in 2019.

Patti Hoying Alaska Tire Review
Customer Experience in TPMS Service

TPMS service can be met with resistance from a driver for a number of reasons, but use these situations to teach the customer and help ease their pain.

Unemployment Benefits: Considerations When Contesting a Claim

Whether unemployment claims are the bane of your existence or a routine part of your month, here are a few tips for successfully assessing and handling these claims.

tire shop unemployment claims
Driveshaft Vibration Order: Identifying and Calculating Vibration Frequencies

Learn to better identify where vehicle vibrations come from by calculating their frequencies.

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Top Shop Recap: How the Best Tire Dealers Get Better

Tire Review’s exclusive Top Shop Event brought tire dealers from across the country to Nashville to discuss best practices and the future of the tire industry.

Top Shop 2018 Tate Boys Tire Tire Review
Tire Industry Financial Recap: Price Increases Continue, Highlights from Q3 2018

For 2018, tire manufacturers expect low single-digit volume growth after many have increased prices on their products.

Tire Industry Financial Outlook 2018
Selling the Right Tires to Amateur Racing Enthusiasts

Selling track-to-street tires allows tire dealers to get entrenched with their local racing community

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4 Steps to Securing the Tire Sale

Use these four simple steps as the foundation for any retail sale in your shop.