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Convicted Auto Scam Artist Strikes Again


A Pennsylvania man convicted of defrauding people of hundreds of thousands of dollars in tire scams nearly 10 years ago now faces charges in Snyder County for deceptive practices at an automobile business.

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The Standard Speaker reports Kurt Keiper, 39, of Middleburg, Pa., has been charged with 18 counts, including theft by deception, deceptive business practices and passing bad checks.

In the first set of charges, Keiper allegedly failed to deliver three vehicles worth more than $60,000 to an auto dealer in Virginia. The most recent charges accuse him of failing to deliver $314,500 worth of vehicles to dealers in Indiana, New York, and Mifflinburg and Selinsgrove, Pa., The Daily Item of Sunbury reported.

Between 2001 and 2003, Keiper was charged with writing bad checks in tire scams in Luzerne, Lackawanna, Monroe and Blair counties.

Authorities alleged that Keiper promised investors unrealistic returns after saying he purchased tires overseas and sold them at substantial profit through his store in White Haven, Pa. One family gave him more than $600,000.

Keiper served a sentence of nine months to 59 months in Luzerne County for writing a bad check to McCarthy Tire for $306,000 in 2001. But the state Superior Court in 2007 overturned a conviction and sentence of 4 to 22 years in another case because he wasn’t prosecuted within the deadline set by law.

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