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Continental Renames Port Tires: TerminalMaster V.ply

The tire formally known as the StraddleMaster+ has also been recommended for use at airports and for heavy-duty transport in the industrial sector.


Continental is changing the name of the StraddleMaster+ port tire to TerminalMaster V.ply.

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The decision is accompanied by an expansion of the tire’s application recommendations: Until now, the tire was primarily designed for the use on straddle carriers in the port. In tests in the laboratory and in real-life use at customer premises, the tire has also been recommended for use at airports and for heavy-duty transport in the industrial sector. With the TerminalMaster V.ply, all areas of application are now united under the new name.

The TerminalMaster V.ply is designed to provide good traction, even in the case of emergency braking, Continental says, adding the tire is characterized by reinforced sidewalls and durability. The closed shoulder ensures precise track holding on almost any surface and in all weather conditions. The tread design and the resulting low vibration makes TerminalMaster V.ply particularly suitable for driverless vehicles, the company adds.


While cross-ply tires are known for their damping properties and radial tires for good high-speed capability, Continental says V.ply technology integrates a weave pattern of different cords at specific angles. The carcass of a V.ply tire consists of up to 20 layers of diagonal fibers embedded in three wire cores. V.ply technology uses a high-strength polymer. The crossing textile layers of a V.ply tire are arranged at an angle of about 30 degrees. Together with the sidewall layers, Continental says this provides increased tire stiffness and enables a higher level of stability and durability during sudden movements.

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