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Continental Introduces Two New TPMS Tools

Both tools can perform relearns on 98.6% of all domestic, European and Asian TPMS-compliant vehicles.


Continental has introduced two new Tire Pressure Monitoring System (TPMS) tools, the Autodiagnos TPMS D and SE Tools.

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Autodiagnos TPMS D reads and diagnoses 100% of the OE and 20 aftermarket TPMS sensor brands on the market, while Autodiagnos TPMS SE works with 100% of OE sensors and aftermarket sensors from REDI Sensor and EZ-sensor, Continental says. Both tools can perform relearns on 98.6% of all domestic, European and Asian TPMS-compliant vehicles.

Continental’s new TPMS tools offer a graphical user interface that allows the tools to be used in a variety of lighting conditions and read in direct sunlight. Tool flow supports an individual repair facility’s service repair process and allows TPMS and tire service functions to be accessed from the main screen without requiring vehicle specific configurations where applicable.

Designed to accommodate shops of all sizes, the Autodiagnos TPMS D tool can deliver complete TPMS service, diagnostics, and support tire service, Continental says, adding it is an idea for shops that only require a single tool for service and diagnostic needs. This new tool can read and clear TPMS codes and has a built-in VIN scanner. The TPMS D can also program sensors from historical data and features an OBD2 mode that streamlines relearns for all of a vehicle’s sensors in under two minutes.

Autodiagnos TPMS D can connect to Wi-Fi for software updates and downloads of the latest vehicle applications, in addition to a PC-based update manager. The TPMS D tool can also be coupled with an optional digital Tire Tread Depth Gauge to help boost tire, suspension and front end/steering component sales.


The Autodiagnos TPMS SE Tool is designed for shops with multiple bays and the need for more than one tool. This tool provides coverage for all passenger vehicle OE sensors and many aftermarket sensors. The TPMS SE tool was designed to make multiple units affordable for a single shop, Continental says, allowing several technicians to provide all customers with important TPMS service.

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