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Conti Rolls Out Next Gen UHP All-Season


Continental launched its next generation ultra-high performance all-season tire to media and customers at its testing facility in Uvalde, Texas, this week.OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERA


Replacing the ExtremeContact DWS, Continent’s Extreme Contact DWS06 is a “true all-season UHP” designed for sport cars, luxury sport cars and luxury sport crossovers, according to Conti.

“The ExtremeContact DWS06 is the evolution of our very popular ExtremeContact DWS,” said Travis Roffler, director of marketing for Continental Tire. “This is the ultimate UHP all-season tire. We’ve maintained excellent snow traction while making improvements in wet traction, dry handling and tread life. This is a tire enthusiasts will really enjoy.”

The tiremaker has made multiple improvements over its predecessor. Debuting in the DWS06 is Conti’s SportPlus technology, which provides drivers with precise handling, security on wet, slippery roads, and excellent tread life, according to Conti.


Additionally, the DWS06’s tread features traction grooves and x-sipes that improve snow performance through increased pattern edges and improve braking, cornering and acceleration in wet, snow and ice, said Conti.

The DWS06 also carries QuickView Indicators – visual signals that alert the driver to misalignment or decreased performance in certain weather conditions. One QuickView Indicator displays a DWS in the tread that fades as the tire wears. When the S fades at 5/32nds, the tire is no longer optimal for snow traction, according to Robert Liu, product manager of performance tires. When the W fades at 4/32nds, the tire is no longer optimal for wet traction. When the D fades at 2/32nds, drivers should replace the tire as it is no longer optimal for dry conditions or legal, added Liu.


Conti’s DWS06 also boasts a 35% improvement in resistance to impact damage over the DWS as a result of a new high-strength two-ply sidewall.

Conti plans to roll out the replacement tire in two phases, according to Bill Caldwell, vice president of sales and marketing for PLT replacement. The tiremaker will release 87 sizes total, 13 of which are new to this product. The DWS06 is W and Y speed-rated and will range from 16-to 22-inches. The new sizes are primarily crossover fitments, according to Caldwell.

In the first phase of DWS06’s launch, Conti will roll out 52 sizes, covering over 80% of the volume. Orders can be places April 1, with tires shipping in May.


The second phase of DWS06’s launch will roll out the remaining 35 sizes. Orders for those sizes will be taken in August with shipments expected in September.

DWS06 is backed by Conti’s new Total Confidence Plan, which features a 60-day customer satisfaction trial, 12-month road hazard coverage, three-year flat tire roadside assistance, 72-month manufacturer’s limited warranty program, and a 50,000 mile limited mileage warranty.



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