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Commercial Tyres Make Initial ContiOnlineContact

(Clacton, U.K./Tyres & Accessories) Leading truck tyre dealer and service provider, Commercial Tyres has become one of the first ContiNetwork Partners to implement the ‘all-new’ version of Continental’s online tyre ordering system across its operations throughout the South East of England.


The system, branded ContiOnlineContact, has been available to dealers stocking Continental product for sometime now, however this latest version of the system has undergone a complete makeover, giving it an entirely new look and dramatically increased functionality. Oliver O’Reilly, product manager for ContiOnlineContact, commented: “The emphasis for the system has shifted from being a dedicated ordering tool to a powerful and flexible online ordering and product information resource.”


Gone is the ‘matter of fact’ approach to online stock checks and ordering, and in comes a more attractive website ‘look and feel’, that is quick and easy to navigate. Frequently changing news and product stories occupy the main screen, keeping dealers up-to-speed with the latest Continental developments.

Perhaps the most important and useful enhancement to the system has been the addition of a comprehensive online product information library. This allows dealers to quickly browse the complete range of Continental truck and passenger tyres, select the correct tyre for the application and check availability within a single online environment.


Improvements to the ordering module make ContiOnlineContact easier to use and more flexible in its order handling. Key improvements include an ability to place larger orders, save frequently placed orders for subsequent recall and an upload tool that allows dealers to load ‘ready-made’ orders into the system.

Commercial Tyres, who have recently joined the ContiNetwork, said it recognised the benefits of this latest generation of ContiOnlineContact and decided to use the system to get their ContiNetwork membership off to a flying start. Steve Shingleton, Commercial’s area manager commented: “Implementing the system was effortless. We received a call from a member of the ContiOnlineContact support team, who then guided us through a simple install routine. Learning to use the system was equally painless. The familiar website environment meant we were able to get product information, check stock, place and track orders within minutes.”


Shingleton, who has been using the system for three months, added: “ContiOnlineContact has already delivered tangible operational efficiencies – we can order when we like and how we like, in a very uncomplicated manner. Also, being able to give our customers accurate product information, check stock and order tyres during a single phone call with them certainly gives us an advantage.”

Leon McMahon, channel development manager at Continental said: “ContiOnlineContact is undoubtedly an invaluable tool and is somewhat unique to this industry. Our intention is to roll the system out across the ContiNetwork to further strengthen our commitment to delivering ‘Business Benefit’ to our Partners and ultimately our end-users.”

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