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Club 3633: Trula Womack, Best-One of Indy Director of Marketing and Brand Excellence

Trula Womack made a position for herself in the industry. Literally.


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Trula Womack made a position for herself in the industry. Literally.

In 2001, she started working for an advertising agency, where one of the clients was an independent tire dealer.

When that agency closed, Womack took advantage of an opportunity with that client.

“At that point in my career, I realized that no one else is going to look out for me. I create my future, and that’s what I did,” she said. “I reached out to the independent tire dealer and sold them on creating a position for me in-house. I knew they needed me as much as I needed them.”

Fast forward a few years, she has since left that position but found herself in a similar one – creating her own title – at Best-One of Indy, formerly Indy Tire Centers.

For five years now, Womack has spearheaded the marketing efforts for the company’s nine stores and, most recently, transitioned it through a name change.

“I’m very grateful that each day is typically not like the other,” Womack says. “One day, I could be placing an advertising campaign, and the next day I’m writing a radio script or developing new artwork for a digital campaign, shooting a TV commercial and placing a job recruitment ad.”


In the future, she sees consumer engagement continuing to be the main focus for shops in the industry. But that’s what she loves about working in the industry: the marketing challenges it presents.

“The industry has evolved and continues to do so, and the way customers play a part in the change is exciting,” she says. “Taking on marketing in an industry that has some pretty hefty competitors is challenging, and I love the fight.”

Fun Fact: Womack says if she could have dinner with anyone, living or dead, it would be the late Paul Zurcher, founder of Best-One Tire & Service. “You could be in a room with hundreds of people, but when talking with Paul, he made you feel like it was just you and him.”

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