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Club 3633 Profile: Nick Schieltz

Nick Schieltz, 39
Manager, Computer Aided Engineering
Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

Nick Schieltz started with Cooper & Tire Co. as a co-op education student and celebrates 20 years in the industry this December.

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Early in his career, Schieltz had the opportunity to lead the development of a new SUV tire line for Cooper. It was an amazing learning experience for Schieltz.

“After the initial excitement subsided, I started to realize the scope of this new responsibility, and excitement turned to nervousness,” he shares. “Ultimately, the team successfully developed and launched the product, and it performed well in the field.  The senior engineers helped me navigate the challenges of the development project, but I was allowed to experience the stress that comes with significant decision making.”

Today, Schieltz oversees a group that develops and applies Computer Aided Engineering (CAE) tools for internal users in regional technical centers across multiple continents.


He finds the challenges and competitive nature of the tire industry interesting.

“Although the tire industry may not receive the notoriety of innovation companies such as Apple, Google and Amazon, the tire is a complex mechanical structure, and this is an exciting industry,” he says.  “Consumers continue to demand higher performance from their tires while also looking to obtain value pricing. In short, there is no shortage of challenges to remain competitive in this industry, and that makes it interesting.”


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