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Club 3633 Profile: Madeline Triplett

Triplett,MadelineMadeline Triplett, 26
Advertising Development Manager
Hunter Engineering Co.

In a short four years, Madeline Triplett has developed a true passion for the industry, with a deep appreciation for its unique blend of innovation and tradition. She finds that the engineering and technological advances built on a foundation of old-school relationships (B2B, B2C and within organizations) suit her well, especially when it comes to her career path.

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“I actually started as a copywriter in our advertising department,” she explains. “Given the nature of the job, I had to quickly learn the ins and outs of equipment, assemblies and industry trends. Right away, I became fascinated with the industry and the equipment… I believe my intensity about the industry was noticed quickly and has afforded me some great opportunities for which I am very thankful.”

That fascination bubbled into a passion to learn all she could to continue to grow in her role, a habit that continues today. Triplett reads anything she can get her hands on, whether it be industry-specific news and tech tips or marketing and economy articles.


“I find that there are so many best practices and unique ideas happening in other industries that I can adapt and use to suit the needs of ours. I think being well read keeps you creative and in tune with the larger business world,” Triplett says.

“I also try to listen as much as possible – the typical individual in our industry has a long tenure, is incredibly passionate, and is willing to disseminate information to help keep industry interest thriving. That’s a rare thing, and younger people in the industry should take advantage of it.”

In the future, she sees shifts in convenience and consumer behavior building momentum behind the changes to come.

“I think that the tire industry is going to have to make significant changes to match the consumer experience offered in other industries,” Triplett said. “I think intelligent facility design will help engage customers in a similar way that the Apple store design can transform the hassle of laptop repair into a pleasant and interesting experience. I also think mobile service will become very prevalent in the near future as consumers begin to expect on-the-go solutions to their problems.”


FUN FACT: Triplett loves ice hockey, ice skating and college football. She also enjoys sailing and traveling.


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