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Club 3633 Profile: Kary Gilkeson

KaryGilkesonKary Gilkeson, 48
Manager of Workforce Development
Toyo Tire North America Manufacturing Inc.

Before joining the industry, Kary Gilkeson says she never realized how important tires were to a vehicle. “I truly was a typical consumer who bought something I thought was decent and could afford,” she recalls. “I never knew how critical tires were to safety. It’s not simple. People who are part of industry are passionate about tires.”

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Although Gilkeson has been working with Toyo Tire USA Corp. for almost 10 years, she has only been an employee a little over five. When Toyo began building Toyo Tire North America Manufacturing Inc. (TNA) in Georgia, she worked at a state agency that assisted the company. The more she got to know the Toyo, the more she thought she’d like to work for them. When she joined the company, she started her new-hire orientation from a single wide trailer while the facility continued to grow.

Today, Gilkeson oversees on-the-job training for TNA workers as well as interviewing for internal promotions. “I love coming in and creating things that help things get going,” she says.


In her role at TNA, Gilkeson is the go-to person who helps new employees with training and development. To her, success is when employees are able to achieve something they never thought was possible.

When she is not helping other employees grow their skills, Gilkeson is keeping up to date with her own training. In May, she completed the ATD master trainer talent certification training and a few years ago she received her Professional in Human Resources (PHR) certification.

FUN FACT: Gilkeson is a huge Bryan Adams fan. She first saw him in concert in 1985 and since then has seen him too many times to count.



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