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Club 3633 Profile: Jason Espinoza

Jason Espinoza, 39
Sales Manager
Tire Warehouse

Beginning his career as a technician, Jason Espinoza’s natural gift for sales quickly took him out of the bay to behind the counter.  Today he is described as a “huge success” in his role as sales manager for a newly opened branch of Tire Warehouse in northern California.

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“I started in 1994,” recalls Espinoza.  “Honestly. If we go way back into public education, before I graduated, I took a program that taught light mechanics and tire installation. After that, when I started working in a shop, they said, ‘We actually have a sales role for you.’ From the start I really liked the tire part of the business.”

Espinoza claims he didn’t have strong interest in cars when he was growing up, yet he’s happy with the way things turned out. “I’ve had opportunities and I’ve made the best of them,” he says. “I love what I do.”


One of the things Espinoza loves most is motivating those around him to be their best.

“Sales goals are one thing, but my proudest moments are tied to the development of others,” says Espinoza. “The hourly tire technician who didn’t want to take a step up, and to help him do that – or taking a trainer and turning them on to a sales role, to develop them to be strong enough to get that role – that’s the most rewarding thing I’ve done. That’s success to me.”

His interest in helping those around him extends to his customers, providing them with fair treatment and developing programs that fit their needs, while also advancing the company’s interests.


The best advice he’s received was from his former manager. “He taught me that no matter what it is, I want to build every ticket out each day and come in the next day hungry. So, my goals are focused on that day and not tied to the past or future.”

FUN FACT: Espinoza is an accomplished cook and says he makes a fantastic spaghetti sauce. “My secret is time, patience, and a little bit of art.”


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