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Club 3633 Profile: Dustin Lucius

Dustin Lucius, 28
Mechanical Project Engineer
Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

Dustin Lucius started his career in the tire industry as part of the University of Toledo/Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.’s co-op program. After working with the tiremaker for two years as a student, he joined the company full time just six years ago.

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Today, Lucius works on various mechanical and equipment projects and enjoys the variety in his job.

“The number of different processes and the various types of equipment are fascinating,” Lucius says. “I enjoy the fact that I can be working on several projects at the same time, ranging from a mixer that has a 3,000 hp motor to a finishing machine that requires accuracy to the ten-thousandth of an inch.”

In his position, success means getting projects done on time and within budget, which requires members of the team to communicate and work well together, he says. Within the next 10 years, he predicts the industry will move toward enhanced automation, increased production and reduced waste.


FUN FACT: On Lucius’ bucket list:

1. Hiking to Machu Picchu

2. Running a marathon

3. Getting his pilot’s license


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