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Club 3633 Profile: Dr. Amy Randall

Dr. Amy Randall, 37
Manager of Innovation and Technology Development
Bridgestone Americas Technical Center

After earning her Ph.D., Amy Randall joined Bridgestone Americas as a polymer rheology expert.

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Her favorite element of the tire industry is how complex it is. “There are so many different performance requirements for tires in every segment,” Randall shares. “People have no idea how many materials, compounds and complex constructions go into it.”

Randall’s job involves collaborations on new technology, team meetings and navigating the legal department to make sure that Bridgestone’s discoveries are protected for the future. She’s proud of her work, particularly the efforts made to develop and utilize sustainable materials for Bridgestone tires.

“The difficult part of innovation is trying many, many new ideas as quickly as possible so that one can succeed,” she said. “There is a lot of trial and error so you cannot take it too personally. You have to keep going every day for the chance that one technology that will succeed and make a big impact on the tire product.”


FUN FACT: In another life, Randall says she might’ve been an FBI Agent or park ranger.


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