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Club 3633 Profile: Craig Wortham

CraigWorthamCraig Wortham, 44
Chief Operating Officer
Alyeska Tire and Auto

Craig Wortham cleverly insists that tires educated him “literally and figuratively.”

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Wortham started working in the family business at 15. He started by pumping gas and repairing, mounting and balancing tires. He continued working at the tire store while attending school.

On a day-to-day basis, Wortham manages Alyeska Tire’s primary operations. His workload includes paperwork, paychecks, sales, cash flow, policies and ordering, among other things. Although accounting is part of his job, he bases success on individual achievements, not numbers.

When Alyeska Tire’s employees gain self-confidence because of their accomplishments, that’s what makes Wortham feel successful. He shares that his confidence came when, right out of school, he had to take over the manager position at his company’s second location. Even though he was new to the job, he managed to double that store’s sales within a year.


While technology is driving continual change in the industry, Wortham looks forward to the challenge.

“Ironically what I like most [about the industry] is what I dislike most – the unpredictability of an ever-changing industry,” he says. “You have to keep your business grounded while at the same time you can’t get too rooted and let those roots keep you from adapting. It is a terrifying, yet, exhilarating waltz.”

FUN FACT: On Wortham’s bucket list:

1. Visit Machu Picchu

2. Attend a Stanley Cup Final game

3. Raise his daughters to be strong, confident women


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