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Club 3633 Profile: Carson Cornelius

CarsonCorneliusCarson Cornelius, 28
Branch Manager
Statewide Tire Distributors
Carson Cornelius began his career in the tire industry as a teenager, working his way up the ladder at Statewide Tire Distributors since graduating college in 2010.

“Most of my confidence comes from countless hours of conversations with my father, who started our business,” Cornelius says. “He provided me with a complete understanding of our organization by having me learn almost every role or position.”

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Today, Cornelius focuses on selling product, purchasing inventory and discussing strategy for operational growth, while still finding the time to complete leadership training to further develop his skills. If he were to pick his favorite element of the tire industry, he insists that it would be the people themselves.

“Success to me is achieving a goal,” he explains. “My goal is to provide a better life for the people around me, whether it is our suppliers, team members or customers.”

FUN FACT: Cornelius enjoys cycling and if he could be any animated character he says he would be Sterling Archer from “Archer.”



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