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Club 3633 Profile: Brad Guinn

Like a true visionary, Brad Guinn’s job is to tap into the potential of employees at Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.’s Texarkana plant and help to paint a vision of how their team can accomplish the impossible.

Brad Guinn, 36, Six Sigma Black Belt for Cooper Tire & Rubber Co., Texarkana, Ark.

Like a true visionary, Brad Guinn’s job is to tap into the potential of employees at Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.’s Texarkana plant and help to paint a vision of how their team can accomplish the impossible.

“I am passionate about my current position because it allows me to engage with our workforce across various areas of the plant to work together to solve complex problems,” says Guinn. “My position lets me drill down to our most lucrative opportunities in regard to variation and waste, and then build cross-functional teams of subject-matter experts to drive improvements across our plant.”

Guinn has been working at the Cooper plant since 2003 and is now a Six Sigma Black Belt for the company, which means in addition to training “Green and Black Belts,” he also works to help the plant become more productive and reduce waste.

In addition, Guinn is working toward training himself further so he can better serve others. In September, he will begin training for Six Sigma Master Black Belt certification and is working on completing a Bachelor of Applied Arts and Science degree with a focus in organizational leadership.

Guinn sees himself staying where he is so he can continue to drive a culture of continuous improvement.

“I see success as being in a position to help move yourself – along with your friends, colleagues and loved ones – forward in life,” says Guinn. “Money is often used as a litmus test for success, but there are many other factors that make someone successful in my opinion.”

Fun Fact: In his free time Guinn enjoys hunting and fishing, and he hopes to one day own a piece of property to fish on.

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