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Tire Review Club 3633 Cooper Tire Kunj Misra

Club 3633

Club 3633: Kunj Misra, Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

Get to know Kunj Misra, senior manager, distribution and operations planning for Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

Tire Review Club 3633 Cooper Tire Kunj Misra

Kunj Misra, Senior Manager, Distribution & Operations Planning,
Cooper Tire & Rubber Co.

Coming up on eight years at Cooper Tire & Rubber Company next month, Kunj Misra was first hired at the company to work on an Enterprise Resource Planning (ERP) project.

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That was his first job in the industry, and since then, Misra has worked his way up to become a senior manager of distribution and operations planning. Each day, he works on and reviews upcoming projects aimed at increasing efficiency and creating operational opportunities for the company.

“Cooper Tire & Rubber Company has a rich culture, long history and provides ample opportunities,” he says about his workplace.

In his position, Misra follows a piece of advice he was given: Imagine yourself in other peoples’ situations before jumping to conclusions. Misra says he has gotten to where he is today through leadership courses and guidance from peers and mentors.


In the future, he hopes to be in a leadership role where he can make a positive difference and be capable of making changes.

While many changes are taking place across the industry today, Misra said 10 years from now, he thinks there will be an even heavier reliance on technology and analytics.

When not at work, Misra enjoys traveling, spending time with family and gardening.

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