A dedication to mentorship and support makes Cole Fraser shine in the tire industry

A dedication to mentorship and support makes Cole Fraser shine in the tire industry

The Black’s Tire regional manager has a reputation for making those around him excel in everything they do.

If there’s an embodiment out there that fits the description of “manager I want to work for,” Cole Fraser, regional manager at Black’s Tire & Auto Service, might be it. Patient, kind, and always willing to go the extra mile for anyone who could use a hand, Cole exemplifies a true dedication to the art of leadership.

He’s known for being the first one to the store in the morning and often stays after hours to do what he can to make life easier for his colleagues the next day. Yet don’t call him a workaholic; he’s always sure to make it home for dinner with his family.

Cole’s introduction to the tire industry began in his grandfather’s business, Tire King, which had three locations in Fayetteville, North Carolina. His father took over the business when Cole was just 5 years old, and that’s when his education in the industry began—washing the white letters off of tires.

“That’s all we did on Saturdays: go to work with Dad. Then, through elementary and junior high and high school, we worked there after school,” Cole recalls about his early days. “Once I was in high school, I started learning how to change oil, do flat repairs, mount and balance tires, alignments, and how to organize the tires in our inventory. From there, gradually Dad would bring me inside to tackle customer service.”

Cole began making a name for himself in the Fayetteville area and eventually became so well known that he was sought out personally by Black’s Tire owner Ricky Benton after another local mom-and-pop tire shop Cole was working for in 2013 was bought out by a larger chain.

“He had come to me in the past to tell me that if anything ever happened, Black’s would love to have the opportunity to sit down with me,” Cole says. “So when another organization purchased our company, Ricky Benton walked into that place of business one day and told me, ‘Hey son, I really, really would like to have a conversation with you.’ That’s how I got on with Black’s.”

Cole is heavily involved in supporting every Black’s team member however he can, but his role extends much further than just managing operations. He strives to be a mentor and advocate for store managers, and under his leadership, the Black’s Fayetteville store won the company’s prestigious “Store of the Year” award twice.

“I just try to support the store managers and everything that they do and try to take as much off of them as I possibly can so they can run the day-to-day operations from their store and be the most effective leader that they can possibly be at their store,” he says.

His leadership philosophy also extends beyond the workplace, as he is active in his local chambers of commerce, Habitat for Humanity, and supports local schools and events. Cole credits his success, both inside and outside store walls, to structured planning and a supportive home environment.

“If the home life’s not good, work life’s going to be bad and vice versa,” he says.

Cole Fraser’s induction into Club 3633 is a testament to his impact within his company and in the tire industry as a whole. Cole stands out not just for his business acumen and expertise for pulling the best out of people, but for his dedication to the industry, his team members, and his community.

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