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China Looks to Improved Tire Retreading, Recycling

(Akron/Tire Review) In a move to improve its effectiveness, the China Tire Retreading and Utilization Association has changed its name to the China Tire Retreading, Repairing, and Recycling Association (CTRA).


The group said the change will help its meet the Chinese government’s desire to “build a resources-saving society and recycling economy,” according to a report in the People’s Daily. "The old version of the association’s name cannot cover all of the businesses that have been carried out," CTRA President Jiang Zhiyun said.


"It also aims to push the development of the industry of tire retreading and recycling, in a bid to save resources and protect environment," he said, adding that used tires are not "junk," but precious resources. "It’s a major channel to save energy and raw materials like rubber by making best recycle of used tires, and it can also eliminate the ‘black pollution’ caused by worn tires," he added.

According to the CTRA, China consumed a total of 3.4 million tons of rubber in 2004, topping all the other countries in the world. However, 70% of Chinese rubber was imported from other countries, and China’s automotive industry consumed 63% of the total, including 55% for tires alone.


In 2004, the government said, China manufactured 239 million tires. Meanwhile, China also produced 120 million worn tires, a number that is expected to grow by 12% annually, CTRA said.

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