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Chicago Pneumatic Launches Three New Air Tools


Chicago-Pneumatic-Air-ToolsChicago Pneumatic launched three new air tools for automotive service – the CP7748TL, CP7776 and CP7749 impact wrenches.


According to Chicago Pneumatic, the CP7748TL 1/2-inch composite Torque Limited impact wrench is ideal for passenger vehicles, light truck and SUV tire changing applications. The CP7748TL is designed to provide a limited amount of torque in the forward position (approximately 60 ft-lbs. in one second of operation) and 925 ft-lbs. of maximum torque in reverse for removing weathered and stubborn lug nuts, according to Chicago Pneumatic.

The CP7776 1-inch metal pneumatic impact wrench offers high power and durability for general mechanics and tire changing on heavy vehicles and trucks, said Chicago Pneumatic. CP7776 delivers high power, with 1,770 ft-lbs. of torque in reverse. Additional features include a TPR grip, a rotating side handle and an angled-down exhaust that blows air away from the operator also provide greater comfort.


The CP7749 1/2-inch composite impact wrench delivers 955 ft-lbs. of true maximum torque in reverse and weighs 3.95 lbs. Its 6.7 inches in length enables operators to work in difficult-to-access areas while providing enough power to remove the most stubborn fasteners in any vehicle service application, noted Chicago Pneumatic.

According to the manufacturer, only one hand is needed to control both the power and the forward/reverse selectors on the CP7749. The CP7749 is ideal for all general workshop and mechanic applications, including work on the chassis, transmission, engine and exhaust.

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