CEMB's 2-Hit Wheel Balancer Looks to 'Transform' Balancing

CEMB’s 2-Hit Wheel Balancer Looks to ‘Transform’ Balancing

CEMB USA debuted its new 2-hit wheel balancer at this year’s SEMA Show, which aims to simplify wheel balancing, especially for entry-level technicians. The new balancer uses a two-hit method on the tire to confirm wheel dimensions and send the data to the wheel balancer.

Here’s how it works: The operator follows on-screen instructions and manually moves the wheel to activate the movement of the balancer’s Laser Spotter on the rim to acquire the wheel dimensions. Once the dimensions are acquired, a light punch on the tire transmits the input to the software to store the information, making the process immediate. Then, the operator can conduct the unbalance measurement spin.

CEMB said its 2-hit balancer, which takes some features from its ER75 balancer, no longer uses an automatic gauge, which eliminates the need for periodic maintenance typically seen on mechanical devices that are subject to more wear. It also eliminates the need for device operators to assume awkward postures, since the balancer works in an upright position, to acquire a wheel’s dimensions.

The 2-hit also uses its Laser Spotter and a line laser to indicate the correct position of the wheel for correcting unbalance.

Other features of the 2-hit balancer include:

  • Laser Matching: a line laser emitter, which together with the Laser Spotter, allows the machine to calculate the diameter of the rim;
  • OPB One Plane Balancing: Correction of both static and couple unbalance on one plane at once and with only one weight;
  • LA Sonar: Automatic measurement of the wheel width;
  • ALU-S Balancing mode: Allows operator to position adhesive weights on the internal rim planes and indicates the specific counterweight position;
  • EMS Sonar: An optional feature that allows automatic and quick eccentricity measurement during the normal balancing cycle;
  • HubMatch: During the measuring cycle, the wheel’s maximum eccentricity point is detected and displayed on the monitor, allowing for its reduction during the re-mounting of the wheel on the vehicle with balancers that have EMS Sonar;
  • Pneumatic wheel locking;
  • Tire Set: Software that indicates the best wheel positioning on the vehicle to get the best ride (conicity) and to maximize wheel vibrations (eccentricity) with balancers that have EMS Sonar.

Updates to Argos by CEMB

CEMB’s Argos two-post wheel alignment system is displayed at its booth at the SEMA Show with a Tesla in the inspection lane.

Also at its SEMA booth, CEMB showcased a new feature of its Argos touchless wheel alignment system. Instead of utilizing a four-post wheel alignment system, the technology is now offered in a two-post set-up, saving space in the shop and providing a more cost-effective solution for shop owners.

When shop personnel drives a customer’s car through the two-post system the front wheels are measured once the vehicle stops between the Argos columns. Then the system tells operators when to drive and stop to take high-tech, 3D scanner measurements of the back wheels.

CEMB said the Argos touchless wheel alignment system uses no clamping, no targets or detectors. The software is managed through a remote control and automatically starts the measuring process when a vehicle enters the working area. The system operates through automatic detection of all procedures and automatically pre-selects the vehicle’s specs according to the wheel basis.

With Argos, shop personnel don’t need to perform run-out compensation or apply brake pedal lock to measure the caster. The machine measures toe, camber and thrust angles in about five seconds. Argos then generates a clear report of the status of the customer’s vehicle.

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