Tire Retread
West Va.’s King of Retreading Opens Doors With a New Partner

outhwestern Virginia. After successfully selling commercial truck, OTR, passenger and light truck tires since 1972, King’s Tire has recently taken on a new partner – Continental Tire the Americas.What started as a small family business is now garnering national attention as King’s Tire formally cut the ribbon on its reopened and all-new 25,000-square-foot retread tire

Pulling a Tire for Retreading

According to the Tire Retread & Repair Information Bureau (TRIB), experts advise that tires be pulled when they reach 6/32nds tread depth. By pulling tires for retreading when the remaining tread gets to 6/32nds instead of waiting until 4/32nds or even less, truckers can maximize tire casing life, according to some tire industry experts. “It

Giant Earthmover Tire Retreading Saves Huge Amounts of Raw Materials

Every time a giant earthmover tire is retreaded an enormous amount of rubber is saved and the tire can then be put back into full service, saving thousands of dollars for the end user. Thanks to new technology including very sophisticated non-destructive testing methods to ensure the tire is suitable for another full useful life,

CTA Launches Retread System with Exact Conti Brand Copies

As they battle toe-to-toe in the North American truck tire market, major tiremakers have always stressed the importance of tire lifecycle costs. Backing that point, Bridgestone, Goodyear and Michelin all have their retreading systems, either home grown or acquired. Continental Tire the Americas is taking the lifecycle concept in a new direction, and is plunging

Who Should Dealers Consult for Fleet Tire Maintenance Programs?

Tire responsibility – whose is it anyway? Is it the tire technicians, the truck drivers, the director of maintenance or the tire program manager? The answer is all of the above. The director of fleet maintenance typically oversees the program. but requires input from the entire team.It takes a total team approach to have a

Retreading Market Grows as Fleets Look to Reduce Costs

After a slight dip in sales in 2009, the retread market has already recovered and resumed its pattern of steady growth. And even during that blip, the segment picked up new customers as fleets looked for ways to cut costs in the face of hard times.

Moving Business: Container Handling Niche Offers Dealers Unique Opportunities

In a global economy where products are imported and exported worldwide, it takes a multitude of resources to keep things moving and on track. From load docks to loading bays, container handling equipment is everywhere products are being shipped, moved and inventoried. And vital to that equipment’s operation is – you guessed it – tires.

The Most Important Environmentally Friendly Products In The World

Every time a tire is retreaded many gallons of oil are saved and one more tire is kept out of scrap tire piles. Hundreds of millions of passenger cars, trucks and all types of commercial vehicles worldwide have safely been using retreaded tires for many years. Even commercial and military airlines worldwide are users of

Still Strong: Retreading Market Remains Steady Amid Ownership Changes

For the retread market, 2007 was a year of significant activity and change, with Bridgestone Corp. acquiring Bandag in June, followed the very next month by Michelin North America’s acquisition of Oliver Rubber Co. Both actions were all about efficiency and effectiveness, and fundamentally complete the marriage of new tire producers to major retread suppliers

Survival Mode: Significant Changes in Retreading Forcing Independents to Adapt

They expected it to happen eventually. It was just a matter of time, industry insiders said. So, it wasn’t a total surprise when Bridgestone Americas Holding (BAH) announced its intent to purchase retread giant Bandag. After all, BAH and Bandag have collaborated for decades. Bandag-owned Tire Distribution Systems (TDS) stores sell Bridgestone tires, and many

What Are Retreaders Doing to Improve Fuel Efficiency?

If trucks are kings of the road, then retreaded tires are their scepters. The Tire Industry Association estimates that approximately 17.6 million retreaded truck tires were sold in North America in 2005, with total sales exceeding $3 billion. The majority of these were medium truck tires. That’s almost three-fourths of the entire medium/heavy truck tire

A Fresh Look: Supply Problems and Advancing Technologies Fuel Retreading Growth

Suppose for a moment that you’re the owner of a candy store, and that, for quite some time, you’ve been selling all of the quality candy that you can possibly stock in your limited storage space. And, suppose that your customers seem to be happy campers and that, for once in your career, they aren’t