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Bang The Drum Loudly: To Stay in the OTR Tire Game, Dealers Need to Sell Themselves

Bang The Drum – Loudly To Stay in the OTR Tire Game, Dealers Need to Sell Themselves A few years ago, a construction fleet manager told a group of Bridgestone/Firestone Off Road Tire Co. (BFOR) dealers that he didn’t feel dealers added any value to his operation. The manager, speaking at BFOR’s dealer meeting at

The Survey Says: Inaugural OTR Tire Dealer Study Results Are In

erground mining tire sales, and 23.8% of grader tire sales.Some of them reported 100% of sales in a certain category were of a single construction – bias. All scraper tires sold were bias for 19% of respondents, all loader tires were bias for 22%, all underground tires were of this construction for 54% of dealers

Choosing the Right Tool for the Job

lectric, gas, cable and telephone providers have some specific tire needs, and the requirements may change with some evolving industry trends. Most are locally domiciled and serviced by a single shop, so inflation pressure maintenance and routine visual inspections for cuts, wear, and other out-of-service conditions shouldn’t pose a problem.Typically, the trucks are used for

The Gripping Tale of Winter Tires

It’s not a big segment of the U.S. market – only about 4% – but winter tires are a significant sales opportunity for tire dealers who live in traditionally snowy parts of the country. Depending on the prevailing weather conditions, heavy and consistent snowfalls can hit most of the continental U.S. – from Nevada north

The Road Less Traveled: The winter tire

It’s clearly not a tire for every dealer. And it’s obviously not a tire you’re going to keep in stock most of the year.It’s a specialty tire, a true niche product. A hybrid created to deliver safe, reliable traction on snow, ice, slush and sleet, and handle extreme cold weather without a whimper – all

Getting a Jump: Dealers Say Preparation the Key to Winter Tire Sales Success

Getting a Jump Dealers Say Preparation the Key to Winter Tire Sales Success It’s triple-digit hot outside with no relief in sight. All of your bays are full, and everyone’s patience is wearing thin. The absolute last thing on your mind at this point is winter tire sales.Well, they shouldn’t be, because an effective seasonal

Uptime, Downtime and Profitability

Uptime, Downtime and Profitability Since the primary focus of this month’s issue is profitability, and the subject matter of this column is commercial tires, let’s take a close look at some of the trends in the commercial vehicle industry and brainstorm a bit to see how these might positively impact your business.One of the most

Takin’ Care of Business

Profit Handbook Takin’ Care of Business There is an over-used, oft picked-on phrase that goes something like "TCB." Better known as "Takin’ Care of Business." It’s a business model for some, a laugh for others. While the phrase is trite, it is still accurate in describing tire dealers that handle commercial accounts – especially time-sensitive

Consumer Tires:Get Back to Basics to Increase Sales

Consumer Tires: Get Back to Basics to Increase Sales There are few options available to dealers when it comes to increasing profits from retail tire sales – passenger, performance and light truck/SUV.After all, your suppliers aren’t likely to suddenly give you better pricing, and you can be somewhat limited in how high you set your

Commercial Tires:Much to Consider in Attacking This Profitable Segment

pplier with state-of-the-art product. And, of course, you have to provide quality service at affordable prices.Those are obstacles some dealers don’t want to hurdle. But to get the business, you have to let commercial accounts know that you’re out there. If you’re not actively searching for profits, someone else is.One thing a dealer can do

Truck Tires for Work or Play

Truck Tires for Work or Play Truck tires for light- and medium-duty Class 3-6 trucks have historically been general-purpose offerings. This made perfectly good sense for many years as these vehicles, such as the Class 3 dually pickups, often served in personal-use applications.Even most commercial uses, such as pickups and vans used by plumbers, electricians

Taking the Long View: Today’s Dealers See the Long Term Benefits of Private Brands

nal exposure that would make them more well-known among consumers. And today, they enjoy much the same level of technology as the majors, but dealers often face an uphill battle convincing consumers of their quality and performance. Most importantly for dealers, however, is that unlike the major brands, private brand lines deliver the territory exclusivity