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Tire Inspection: The Key to Reliable Repair

recently saw a perfect example of the problem. “A shop foreman was proudly showing me a tire which had just been repaired by one of his crew,” said Garrett. ®From all outward appearances it was a beautiful repair job,® Garrett said, ®but, as we carefully looked at the tire, it was obvious it had been

The Consequences of Improper Nail Hole Repairing

The Consequences of Improper Nail Hole Repairing Tech InternationalThere are two common mistakes made in repairing nail hole injuries in commercial truck tires. The first mistake is only plugging the injury. The second is only applying a repair unit to the inside of the tire and not filling the injury.A proper nail hole repair is

Cashing in On Broadline Tires

Cashing in On Broadline Tires Everyone buys them. Everyone sells them. But nobody is quite sure what they are anymore. And it appears they won’t last much longer, if they even exist now. Broadline tires. Back in the days of bias ply and bias-belted tires – and even after radials took over – the term