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Tire Pressure Monitoring Systems: How They’ll Work and What They Mean to You

Maintaining the proper inflation in tires is a subject that is as old as tires themselves. This issue has been likened to keeping the right amount of oil in the car’s crankcase – don’t do it and the engine will fail. The good news is that air doesn’t need to be changed periodically – though

Dealing With Nuts: Solve Frozen Nut Caps With Low-Tech Techniques

Dealing With Nuts Solve Frozen Nut Caps With Low-Tech Techniques We’ve all heard the speculations and read the stories: Computer chips in tires with handheld readers for commercial tire service technicians are just around the corner. Every truck will need a laptop and Internet access in-cab by 2010. The information age has finally arrived, and

Skid Steer Loaders: Lots of Equipment Means Lots of Sales – If You Know Your Stuff

Skid Steer Loaders Lots of Equipment Means Lots of Sales – If You Know Your Stuff Unheard of two decades ago, skid-steer loaders have become one of the most popular pieces of machinery on the market today. Like the reputable Swiss army knife, they have a wide variety of uses and are found almost anywhere

Flight or Fancy?: Private Branders Say Quality is There – and So Are The Customers

Flight or Fancy? Private Branders Say Quality is There – and So Are The Customers Go to any tire company dealer meeting these days and you’ll hear discussions on how safety-concerned consumers are turning to major brand tires – names they know and trust. And how flag brand shares have grown in recent years, obviously

School Bus Tires and Basic Lesson Plans

School Bus Tires and Basic Lesson Plans June has arrived and the first year of the new century is passing quickly in the history books. At this point back in 1901, there were few – dare we say none ®“ alternatives to walking, riding horseback, or hitching a wagon ride to the old schoolhouse. It’s

Case 3: Diversity Means Opportunity

Case 3: Diversity Means Opportunity Times are tough in every industry it seems. The economy’s sluggish, prices are increasing and consumers don’t have a lot of money to spend.But one industry that’s been especially hard hit is the agricultural market. Costs and demand are increasing, yet prices and margins are evaporating. Tire dealers trying to

Very Big Plans: Tire Review’s Exclusive Look at X-One Production, Marketing

#x2019;s tread design and compound provide lower rolling resistance and longer removal mileage than standard tires, said Michelin, adding to the overall cost savings.The X-One is currently available in two tread designs: the XDA drive, an OE exclusive to Freightliner until mid-2003, and the XTA trailer, available as OE to any trailer maker. Both are

Will the Real Cost-Per-Mile Step Forward?

h3>Blame the Bean Counters Why, then, is there such great disparity in total tire costs cited by various fleet managers? The most obvious answer is that not everyone does an equally outstanding job of addressing, or executing, the basics. Larger differences, however, can run much deeper and in most instances can be traced to –

Performing Performance Repairs

Performing Performance Repairs Road hazards are a daily danger for all types of tires regardless of their speed rating, design or what kind of vehicle they’re mounted on. Nails, screws, rivets, pieces of wire, broken glass, shards of metal, sharp stones and anything else that ends up as debris on a road surface may, under

The Forces Are With Us

The Forces Are With Us There are some new terms being used in the tire and vehicle servicing industries today and you may want to learn more about them as they’re not likely to disappear. Most of these terms include the word "force". Such as "road force", "force variation", "dynamic force", and half a dozen

Sonic Bust

Sonic Bust Can we rebound form a speed-of-sound decline?   It’s fair to say the medium truck tire market is sagging. Stagnant at best. Fleets are filing Chapter 7 and 11 at a record pace. There is a surplus of used trucks just waiting to be bought. Production of new trucks is at a trickle.

Anything But Average: Profile Study Shows Dealers Adjusting to Stay Ahead

Anything But Average Profile Study Shows Dealers Adjusting to Stay Ahead Tire Review’s annual Tire Dealer Profile Study provides an accurate snapshot of the "typical" tire dealer. This year’s 2000-2001 Dealer Profile Study, however, was expanded to include a more detailed look at today’s commercial tire dealer. While the clear majority of tire dealers are