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Axle-Specific Tires

Axle-Specific Tires It’s been common practice in the trucking industry to equip Class 5 and larger vehicles with different tire designs on steer, drive and tag or trailer axles. The primary reasons for this are performance and economics. No surprises there, but we need to take a closer look to understand some of the underlying

Battling Wheel Slip

Battling Wheel Slip Wheel slippage has long been a point of concern in the tire industry, usually with high output engines and high torque applications – primarily farm equipment and commercial trucks. For the most part, these tire/wheel slip situations caused little more than brief consternation and had minimal impact on tire or vehicle performance.

Wiring in the Profits

Wiring in the Profits Have you really ever noticed just how many vehicles have wire wheels on them? How often have you been driving around town and think to yourself, "Wouldn’t it be nice to capture some of that market?" Building on the selling techniques that we’ve discussed in the last few issues of this

Twist and Turn: Monster Profits On These Micro-Machines For Smart Dealers

Twist and Turn Monster Profits On These Micro-Machines For Smart Dealers Construction is slowly improving and the agriculture market looks reasonably solid this year. So does that mean the skid-steer market should do well? If dealers look solely at those two factors, they’d be missing a big piece of the pie. Yes, the skid-steer market

Dynomometer Testing

lished by several manufacturers include: ®′ Bigger dyno rolls are better from a tire durability standpoint ®′ Shallow tread tires are preferred to deep tread tires ®′ Used tires are preferred to new tires ®′ Limit dyno "on time" to the minimum necessary to perform the necessary vehicle tests ®′ Allow one- to two-hour cool

Advancing Technology

Advancing Technology High tech manufacturing has made inroads in many industries, and tiremaking is no exception. Though robotics has not displaced traditional tire building techniques on a large scale, it’s use is certainly growing. Making a tire is a labor-intensive process for a variety of reasons. A tire consists of many individual components that all

How Big Do You Want To Go?

How Big Do You Want To Go? That’s what you’ll be saying as we take you through the steps to begin a sale, guide a customer to the right wheels and then close the sale. All too often, a customer comes into a dealer’s store and asks which wheels will fit on their vehicle and

Clear for Takeoff: Despite Uncertainties, Private Brands Continue March On With Confidence

The private brand tire market has had to fight through a lot in the past year. First, there was the ongoing recession. Then a belief that private brands would get left behind in favor of major brands popped up. And there was one month when everything came to a standstill. Then, of course, there was

The Art of Selling

The Art of Selling Over the last several months, you have learned about the technical aspects of custom wheels. Now, it’s time to develop your selling skills. In this first of a two-part segment, we’ll discuss ways to market your business and gain marketshare in your area using custom wheels. Then we’ll show you how

Care and Caution: Few Ways to Predict Zipper Rupture; Here’s How to Keep Techs Safe

Care and Caution Few Ways to Predict Zipper Rupture; Here’s How to Keep Techs Safe A steel cord radial truck tire is an engineering marvel. It has to endure a wide range of temperatures in every imaginable environment. This flexible chamber enables large vehicles to ride on a virtual cushion of compressed air. In reality,

The Road Back: Quality Questions Exist Even As Industrial Market Begins Comeback

The Road Back Quality Questions Exist Even As Industrial Market Begins Comeback With manufacturing and construction sectors starting to make a comeback after recession-induced downturns over the last 18 months, the near-term future for industrial tire sales – and related specialty tire sales ®“ appears to be brightening. Not only have near-term economic forecasts been

Maintenance or Management?

Maintenance or Management? Truck operators today are quite conscientious about their choice of tires and the care given them. This protective attitude is readily explained by the prominent position tires hold in the hierarchy of operating expenses for most trucking operations – tire program costs rank second only to fuel for most fleets and owner-operators.