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Call ‘A/T Lite’ Tires What You Will – This Segment’s Making a Name for Itself

A new tire segment popped into the marketplace a few years back. It’s built for consumers I’d refer to as “mild adventurers” – those who sometimes want to take their CUV over the river and through the woods to get to Grandma’s weird forest house, but still need a quiet, comfortable ride with great fuel

Continental Launches New Tire for Airport Ground Support

Continental says it has launched a new all-season tire for airport ground handling vehicles that spares fleet operators from changing the tires every season. While creating the ContiRV20 all-season tire, Continental says its developers were focused on the three rib tread.

New Commercial Truck Tires Highlight Yokohama’s TMC Booth

Yokohama Tire will feature two new products and more than a dozen commercial truck tires – including several 19.5-in. tires – in its booth at the upcoming TMC show in Orlando, Florida. On display will be the new 720R, a 19.5-in., N-speed-rated, deep tread drive tire which is engineered specifically for pickup trucks and last-mile

Nitto Tire Launches All-Terrain Crossover and Compact SUV Tire

Nitto Tire launched its new crossover-terrain tire, the Nitto Nomad Grappler. Nitto says the Grappler tire is a versatile option for CUVs and SUVs and is designed with a bold tread pattern to provide comfort on-road and traction in off-road and snowy conditions for CUVs and SUVs. According to Nitto, these tires are designed to

Radar Tires’ New A/T Tire Features Rattlesnake-Inspired Design

Radar Tires has launched its next-generation all-terrain range. This new range features a rattlesnake-inspired dual-sidewall design that allows drivers to customize the look of their vehicle, according to the company. The aggressive new Renegade A/T Pro is specifically designed for SUV and light truck drivers to take on the toughest challenges off-road while giving a

Yokohama OHT Releases New 29-In. Loader Radial Size Tire

Yokohama Off-Highway Tire introduced an 875/65R29 size of its rugged Yokohama RT41 L-4 radial for front-end loaders, adding the popular 29-in. size to its RT41 lineup. Bruce Besancon, vice president of marketing for Yokohama Off-Highway Tires, noted that the new size features the multi-layer belt package with Yokohama’s special, OTR belt wires that add durability,

YokohamaRT41. 1400
General Tire Introduces Grabber HD Van Tires

General Tire has launched its new all-season commercial tire, the Grabber HD Van. General Tire says this durable cargo van and fleet tire was developed for long-lasting treadwear under loaded conditions and comes complete with Duragen technology, which provides robust durability and enhanced sidewall protection. According to General Tire, some key features of its new

All-Weather Tire Segment Stakes Claim in the Market

The all-weather tire category is one of the latest trends in the tire industry, and it’s leading the way with steady growth in sales, popularity and application. This newer segment is accomplishing what the all-season category couldn’t with true year-round performance, safety and versatility. Advancements in tire technology have allowed this category to flourish with

Hercules Tires Launches First Agricultural Tire

Hercules Tires will launch its first new tire for agricultural use. It will be available to commercial dealers in the United States beginning today. “The demand for ag tires is quickly expanding,” said Marshall Gillespie, Hercules Tires manager of commercial and specialty proprietary brands. “The goal is to meet the needs of the market.” According

Maxam Debuts VF Technology at National Farm Machinery Show

Maxam Tire announced the market release of Very High Flexion (VF) tires to the global agricultural market. Maxam says it has engineered the VF agricultural series to provide the industry with high-speed/load solutions designed to minimize soil compaction while delivering improved traction and product performance. They will be showcasing the growth of their agricultural product

Yokohama Tire Launches 720R Drive Tire for Regional Deliveries

Yokohama Tire has added a new commercial tire to its lineup: the 720R. The 720R is a 19.5-in., N-speed-rated drive tire engineered specifically for pickup trucks and last-mile delivery operations, according to Tom Clauer, Yokohama’s senior manager of commercial product planning. Clauer says the tire is offered in a 225/70R/19.5 size and is now available in

Kumho Launches the Road Venture AT52

Kumho Tire USA recently announced the launch of the Road Venture AT52.   “We are extremely proud of our engineering and product development teams who dedicated years to extensive research and testing in order to deliver this outstanding product,” Kumho says. “The continuously growing light truck market is a focal point for us and we

kumho road venture at 52