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Hercules Launches Ironman All Country HT

Hercules Tire and Rubber Company has launched the Ironman All Country HT, an entry-level, all-season highway touring tire for Sport Utility Vehicles (SUV), Crossover Utility Vehicles (CUV) and light trucks, in the U.S.. The new Ironman All Country HT offers a line-up with a number of sizes between 15- and 20-in. rim diameters. The tire

Yokohama Tire Launches New Regional Trailer Tire

Yokohama Tire says its latest commercial product – the 121T – is now on sale in the U.S. Debuting at the recent TMC trade show, the 121T is specifically engineered for trailer use only. The new tire is severe snow service-rated in all weather conditions and is offered in sizes 215/75R17.5 and 235/75R17.5. Yokohama says

Bridgestone Launches New Rigid Dump Truck Tire

Bridgestone is launching a 3-star rigid dump truck tire as an expansion of its 24.00R35 product portfolio, a lineup specially developed for mid-sized rigid dump trucks to carry hefty loads on flat terrain, often at quarries and mines. Featuring a 3-star rating, the new 24.00R35 delivers 8% greater payload capacity along with a deeper tread

Goodyear Introduces New Sizes for Eagle Exhilarate UHP Tire

The Goodyear Tire & Rubber Company debuted 16 new sizes for the Goodyear Eagle Exhilarate, its ultra-high-performance all-season tire. Goodyear says that with excellent performance in wet and dry cornering grip, as well as wet and dry handling, the Eagle Exhilarate helps consumers unleash their drive with features, including: ActiveGrip Technology that offers exceptional handling

Toyo Tires Introduces Heavy-Duty M325 Tire

Toyo Tires introduced the Toyo M325, an on/off-road heavy-duty all-position tire. The newest edition to the Toyo Tires’ M-Line of commercial tires is the cornerstone of the company’s construction line, providing coverage for mixed service fleets serving the construction, mining, energy and logging industries. Through several years of real-world testing in severe-duty applications, Toyo Tires

General Tire Commercial Tires Displayed at MATS

Continental displayed its air suspension systems and General Tire brand commercial tires at the Mid-America Trucking Show (MATS) from Mar. 24-26 in Louisville, Kentucky. Launching to the market at MATS were the first products in the second generation of General Tire commercial tires. Continental says the General HS 2 steer tire, General HD 2 drive

Hankook Unveils New EV Tire Family

In May 2022, Hankook Tire says it will launch iON, its first family of tires specially designed for high-performance, premium electric vehicles. The company says it wants to make a contribution from a tire choice perspective to advance mobility and the transition towards zero-emission vehicles. The iON products will initially be available in three designs

Implement Tires Get Boost from Sophisticated Technologies

With spring planting season just around the corner and already here in some parts of the country, your farmer customers will be getting their various implements ready for action. You can be a valuable resource by knowing the latest in implement tires. Overall, implement tires by necessity have grown larger in diameter as well as

Hankook Tire Launches High-Performance All-Season Ventus S1 AS

Hankook Tire has launched the Ultra High-Performance (UHP) all-season Ventus S1 AS tire. The new Ventus S1 AS is optimized for sport driving on dry, wet and snow-covered roads. Available in 75 sizes, the Ventus S1 AS supports rim diameters of 16 to 22 in. and tread sections up to 305 millimeters. Engineered with a

CUV Drivers Stretching Road’s Boundaries Means New A/T Tire Alternative

Put yourself in the shoes of a typical consumer. After spending way too much time cooped up inside over the past year two years, all you want is to pack a cooler full of bologna sandwiches and cart the kids out to a wild adventure in your Toyota RAV4 CUV for some quality time that

Hercules’ TIS UT1 UTV Tire Hits the Market

Hercules Tires launched the TIS UT1, its new co-branded premium Utility Terrain Vehicle (UTV) and All-Terrain Vehicle (ATV) tire with TIS Wheels. Hercules says the new all-terrain UTV/ATV tire is designed for those who have a passion for outdoors and addresses a growing, niche market for consumers who need the ability to drive “off-road,” whether

Titan Expands AgraEDGE Tire Line

Titan announced it is expanding its Titan AgraEDGE tire line — which was launched just last year — with four new flotation sizes of the cutting-edge, cost-competitive tires. Titan says the expansion gives the AgraEDGE line 18 total sizes (21 tire options), ranging from 380/80R38 up to 800/70R38. Titan plans to continue to expand the